Re: Stepper motor speed and step timing

I am using the CncNet_XP_Vista_7.dll plugin. If you look at the picture below, I am able to cut, so everything else is working. That wing was cut from Isoboard which is an XPS type of hard foam similar to Depron.

I was also thinking that maybe I can try my older PC with Windows 98 on it. Do you think that it will help?

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Re: Stepper motor speed and step timing

O.K. so now I have tried another old PC with a Celeron 430 processor running at 1 GHz. It has XP Home on it with service pack 2. I did not change the microstep settings on my stepper drivers and when I run the motors, they do not run well They make a lot of noise, so I tried all of the settings and found that 1 or 2 microsteps will run the motors but they still make noise and do not run they are missing some steps. On my more modern pc with a later Celeron running at 2.4 GHZ, I have to set the stepper drivers to 16 or 32 microsteps to work smoothly, and they run well like this.

I do not have any documentation for these drivers, they only have pictures like you see in my thread #5. There are many websites where you can buy these drivers. Here is one from China ... 93437.html

I think (?) that I have some idea of how Jedicut is working. It seems that the frequency of the output on the parallel port is fixed by your program, but maybe it is also controlled by the processor speed? Is there some way to set the frequency? I had to try each setting on my drivers to match Jedicut.

One more question I have is about the g-code. On my Laptop and Windows 7 pc's I can set the cut speed if I am in g-code mode using the g-code DLL. On my cutting machine as soon as I choose G-code then the cut speed and fast speed are greyed out and I cannot change them. Maybe I am doing something stupid?

Keith R

Re: Stepper motor speed and step timing


I find some information about this stepper motor driver :
I/O Ports:

DC+:DC power positive pole
Note: Must guard against exceeding 45V, so as not to damage the module.
DC-:DC power cathode
A+, A-:Stepping motor one winding
B+, B-:Stepping motor other winding
PUL+, PUL -:Stepping pulse input+5V (Rising edge effective , rising edge duration >10μS)
DIR +, DIR- :Stepping motor direction input, voltage level touched off, high level foreward , low level reverse
ENA+?ENA-: motor free
Typical Connection
I looked at CncNet_XP_Vista_7.dll source code on GitHub, and this plugin has to communicate like this.

Can you control voltage between DIR+ and DIR- when you use Mach3, and when you use Jedicut, with the computer you use at the beginning (when motor run perfectly with Jedicut), and in 2 direction (CW and CCW) ? You should see constant 0V in one direction, and constant 5V in opposite direction.

When you use Jedicut on another computer, you have to change speed settings if you don't use external timer because in this case speed is controlled by processor. If you lose steps, speed values are to low. Increase value in Jedicut to obtain slower speed.

Re: Stepper motor speed and step timing

Thanks Jerome. I will check for those voltages. You say that I should set the speed when I don't use an external timer but that comes back to my problem.........When I change speed on the Jedicut options screen it makes no difference to the motor speed. Am I maybe in a speed setting that is outside the possible motor speed settings?? In manual control, the slow and fast settings also make no difference.

Keith R