Alternate axis names


I'm new to JediCut, so I'm sure I'll have a couple of questions as time goes on, however firstly: thanks for an awesome program, I'm very impressed with how easy it is to use and that it's free!

I'm using a Beckhoff controlled 4-axis foam cutter (build is still in progress), and the Beckhoff NCi g-code interpreter has set names for the axes. The main ones are fine: X, Y and Z, however the auxiliary axes are handled a bit differently to what JediCut expects, using the notation Q1=, Q2=...

An example of a manually created G-Code file that works on the Beckhoff system:

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( Set wire heat using PWM spindle speed [Value relative in %]  )
( Move max speed  )
G1 X0 Y50 Q1=0 Q2=50
( Pause [millisec]  )
G4 X2
( Move cut speed  )
G1 X0 Y0 Q1=10 Q2=0
G1 X10 Y0 Q1=10 Q2=0
( Move cut speed  )
G1 X0.29 Y0.4 Q1=0.1628 Q2=0.248
G1 X0.88 Y0.88 Q1=0.5032 Q2=0.5524
G1 X1.45 Y0.78 Q1=0.8479 Q2=0.5083
Since JediCut supports custom axis names, I can almost get it to produce this format, however the axes names are limited to a length of 1 character. Would it be possible to increase this to 3 characters?