Jedicut "VS" GMFC

Hi, Jerome!
I see that many people ( me too) have a problem with basic configuration in Jedicut. You probably know also GMFC- software very god.
If I have in GMFC "Table configuration" for instance: 100 Step/revolution, leadscrew M-6 ( screw thread 1 mm), and a min. time between steps 1,5 ms, I will get max. speed: 6,666 mm/ sec. This is simple and OK for me.
My question is: Which numbers, and where must I putt in Jedicut to get the same speed? All 4 motors and leadscrews are equal.
My interface is MM2001 ( with currant-limiters for the motors), but this does not matter.
I hope, this can also bee helpful for "vulcom1" ( John), and others.
Thanks and regards Robert

Re: Jedicut "VS" GMFC

Hi !

Your problem is different of robert's problem. Jedicut is able to control different cnc foam cutting board, which have external timer or not. You have a MM2001, so you can use its external timer. Robert can't because his board don't have external timer. His speed configuration is a little bit more complex to configure, but it's not difficult.

Do you use the last version of Jedicut ? In this last version, in Jedicut configuration form, I had a new field where you can enter manualy your timer frequency. With an external timer, the speed setting indicate the number of timer's pulse that Jedicut have to wait between two steps. When it's done, you can see a speed estimation in millimeter per second, near speed field.

Jedicut can control lots type of motors. So you can enter different setting for each motor. In your case, you juste have to enter the same settings. In Jedicut you have to set up 2 speeds : a cut speed, and a fast speed.

Re: Jedicut "VS" GMFC

Hi, Jerome!
Something in Your reply is not clear to me. First, I am Robert, and I use in all my foam cutters the interfaces MM2001, and GMFC-PRO.
Now, I would like to try also to drive one cutter with Jedicut.
MM2001 has an internal timer ( 2, 4 and 10 kHz). Can I use this timer for Jedicut, and how must I configure the whole software, to get the same cut speed, as with GMFC?
Regards Robert

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Re: Jedicut "VS" GMFC

Hi !

You can find many informations in Jedicut help file or on this page .

In Jedicut configuration form, you can find 3 tabs corresponding to 3 frames. In one of the frames, check “synchronize with external timer”. In “Communication” frame, enter your timer frequency and go to the frame where you can set up your motors. Add the correct setting corresponding to your engine (look at mm/step) and enter speed like 5, 10 or 20. You should see a speed estimation according to your speed settings. And don't forget to choose a CnCNet dll.

Jedicut works very well with MM2001 board ;)

I’m sorry for my bad english…

Re: Jedicut "VS" GMFC

Hi, Gerome!
I have everything done as You have suggested, but without success.
Yesterday I have find out, that the numbers of pins for clock and direction are "up side down". That means: The numbers (pins) 8,4,6 and 2 should be for direction , and 9,5,7 and 3 for the clock. (Perhaps only for my interface MM2001)
When I have changed the numbers, everything was OK, with one exception: The currant for the wire heating oscillates around middle value. Why?
One more thing: I have in my PC the WIN-XP. I had to disable the printer, while it is also working using LPT1. After that everything works fine.
Best regards Robert

Re: Jedicut "VS" GMFC

Hi, Jerome!
I have one more question for You: Why the cutting wire das not return to initial position after cutt. On the same foam cutter, but with GMFC, is everything OK. Am I doing something wrong, or is this usual by Your software?
Thanks for the explaining in advance.
Regards Robert