Simplified "Jedicut"

Hi, Jerome!
Would it be possible, and would You create one simplified "Jedicut" for a cutter(s) with only two step-motors. I am just building such one for cutting letters and other "free" forms. The whole "Jedicut" or GMFC are to complicated for such simply cuttings. The simplified software should be possible to accept DXF- files, and nothing more. The letters (and other free forms) would be created in CorelDRAW or similar.
Regards Robert
P.S. I would send You some pictures of the new cutter, but how?
I hope, You understand my bad English spelling.

Re: Simplified "Jedicut"


In order to do what you describe, you can create a wing cut, check the checkbox "symetrical cut", and set up Jedicut with the same settings on X1 and X2 motors, and, Y1 and Y2 motors. After that, you can do what you want don't you ?

Otherwise, the simplified software that you describe seems to be a cnc router...

You can send me photos using this webmail : nnx[at] (replace "[at]" by "@")


Re: Simplified "Jedicut"

Hi, Jerome!
Thanks for Your quick reply. I know all this You describe, but for simply cuttings it would be better to have a simply software. All that possibilities in Jedicut and other similar software's, confuse some users. The titles are specific for wing cutting etc.
I would like to know, what is the opinion of other members about my suggestion.
Regards Robert
P.S. I will send You some photos tomorrow.