Get JediCut to Work

Hi Jerome!!!

I have some questions to get JediCut to work and i hope you could help me.
I have a Foam PRO Driver Board Kit from Hobby CNC and i want to use a Windows 2000 Laptop with the new JediCut Version.
1) Witch dll i must use to get Jedicut to work? i tried the CNC Net98.dll but no Motor is moving. ( Must i use a other Cut speed than 2000000?)
Is the 98 dll rigth for Windows 2000?
2) In GMFC i get a Timer Value Back from the CNC Borad so that i noticed that the kommunikation between PC and CNC Board should work.
Could i see something else in JediCut as well? How could i see that there is a kommunikation between the PC and the board?
3) How must i set up the Frequency Timer, what value should i use, or is the 4000 OK.
4) Is it possible that the Clock/ Direction Parameters must be changed "Engine X1 8 9" to "Engine X1 9 8" etc.
5) The Heating Parameters could not be changed in the Options Dialog. Could this be a Bug?

By the way the design from JediCut looks very cool.

Regards from Dortmund

Re: Get JediCut to Work


If your CNC board has an externa timer, you need to check "synchronize with external timer" in Jedicut option. After that you can activate dynamic wire heating control. On Windows 2000 you have to use CncNet_XP.dll.

Your pin configuration may be inversed, so take a look at your board manual. It's easy to configure in Jedicut ;)

To verify the communication between Jedicut and uour board, the motor movement need to work...

I hope I help you...