I need an advice...

Hi Jerome,

I'm sorry not to write to you in french, I studied french at school but it was too many years ago and I wouldnt be able to write a word, eventhough I can read and understand some of it.
I'm trying to use your beautiful software not to cut wings but signs and symbols but I have some difficulties...
I'm creating a .dat file with profscan and trying to get it from jedicut... but if I simply open the dat file is absolutely too big, it wont show completely and I wont have the possibility to resize it. Thats why I'm trying to get two copies of the same file from the wing cutting function... In my opinion should work... instead of cutting a wing profile it should cut my special profile-symbol, I thought... but it doesnt work :-)... it shows, it seams perfect but if I click on the cut simulation function my symbol will never be in the center of the foam and cut lines goes through the object itself and if I would really try to cut it I think it will get ruined by those cutting lines...
Jerome, could you teach me some tricks to do what I'd like to do? :-)

Thank you so much in advance for your time and patience.


Re: I need an advice...


I'm happy to see an over person who use Jedicut. You're not the only one who wants to cut other shape than profile. I think I know the problem. Maybe you can send me by mail a dat file as sample. The dat file appear too big in Jedicut, there's no mistake, I just have to improve that part of Jedicut programming a zoom functionnality.
The real problem is lines through your profile in simulation and if the problem is the same that I think, It will be solve soon. I'm working on the next Jedicut release programming new functionnalities and one of it should allow you to cut your symbols.

If you have any problem, don't hesitate to post a message on this board.



Using Jedicut with board from StepperWorld.com

Hi Jerome:

I have tried your program with the board I bought from stepperworld. It didn't work. The motors just not turning at all. I wonder if there is any settings I should try to do to make it work. I heard that the reason that it doesn't work is because the board doesn't have an on-board timer. Is it true? Is it possible to add in a timer board then?

Best regards,

Wachara C.

Re: I need an advice...

Dear Jerome:

I hope you are right. Please find below the details of my pin layout:

Pin [Bit] addr I/O Function
2- [D0] bs OUTPUT X axis direction
3- [D1] bs OUTPUT X axis step
4- [D2] bs OUTPUT Y axis direction
5- [D3] bs OUTPUT Y axis step
6- [D4] bs OUTPUT Z axis direction
7- [D5] bs OUTPUT Z axis step
8- [D6] bs OUTPUT W axis direction
9- [D7] bs OUTPUT W axis step

11- [S7] bs+1 INPUT W switch detect
10- [S6] bs+1 INPUT Z switch detect
12- [S5] bs+1 INPUT Y switch detect
13- [S4] bs+1 INPUT X switch detect

14- [C1] bs+2 OUTPUT Master Disable (see Note below)
16- [C2] bs+2 OUTPUT Aux Ouput(2)
17- [C3] bs+2 OUTPUT Aux Ouput(3)
18- Gnd
25- Gnd

I appreciate all your help.

Best regards,

Wachara C.


I just have finished my first cnc machine and Im looking for a software that can control it i use a C4 electronic board can you help me whit the configuration os jedicut so y can try it? thanks

PD: sorry for my spelling im from chile

Re: I need an advice...

Dear Jerome:

I have found the jumper on the board that prevents it to start. I took out the jumper and the motors start turning already. Thank you very much for your help.

You have a few configs in your option. Are they designed for boards that have and don't have on-board timers? I chose the one that said without timer and it worked.

Best regards,

Wachara C.