Bug Jedicut solved : Slow movement


Thanks to Frank, I found an error in CncNet and VisualCNC dll files, if you use it with CNC board without external timer.

I will release new dll in few days.

If you try MaxCom dll and if your steppers rrun in only one direction, a solution would be to try the new CncNet or VisualCNC file.

Re: Bug Jedicut solved : Slow movement

Jedicut 2.2.2 with oblique and reference position is a big step forward - congratulations, Jerome!
But I must use 2.2.0 build 1 too, because with it i can import DXF Autocad files version 11/12 ASCII.
In upper Jedicut versions it is impossible: Import DXF -> no effect.
When DXF file is improper then I can see: "Impossible d'ouvrir ce fichier." in both versions.