Few questions about Jedicut


i have a few question after building up my mechanics und electronics. Everything is working but there are a few functions to explain to get a very good result.

I have the mm2001 Board with a 2kHz timer. What do i need to set up in jedicut preferences? At the moment i have the standrad value "synchronize with external timer: 4000 Hz" (assigned)

I read that it is necessary to activate this function to use dynamic heat controll. Shall i change to 2000 Hz (same as on the board?)

At the moment i have two differnt speeds. Slow one for cutting and fast for moving (without cutting). When i activate "run back to reference position" it is still running slow. Same when he is out of form (while cutting process) he should run back fast but he is still very slow.

Heating: You can assign a material two speeds. This is only for dynamic heating? The "normal" cutting speed for the (larger) root is still the slow speed assigned in engine controll, is that right? He is running slower for wingtip (if it is shorter).

V --> speed value? Which unit? It must be somthing as m/s but it is so small... (ok it is assigned automatic by testing/measuring)
C --> heating value in %
R --> Radiation: There you have to put in the radius of your heatingwire + loss of material at cut (due to heating)

Is the assigned radiation added automatic to profile when cutting wings? At the moment i didn't add the radiation so my wingtip (wire is much slower there due to shorter wing tip) has much more loss of material. So if the correct radiation is assigned i do not have to compensate with skin thickness at cut-setup? (i know that you have to test it and you may never find perfect setups for every kind of wingcut, so you need to "cheat" a little bit until your result is ok)

Ok thats a little bit. I hope you understand my questions. Otherwise i have to test to find out the correct setup. ;)

Thanks for the great CNC Software!!!

Best regards

Re: Few questions about Jedicut

Hello !

1 : You have to check "synchronize with external timer". After that, you can enter the frequency of your timer (2000 Hz). In fact, this value is juste used to do speed estimation on the engine setup. There is no other impact in Jedicut (and no impact on your cut).

2 : I need to test...

3 : You're right. Heating values are only used by dynamic heating control. There is no unit for speed value in these settings because Jedicut is compatible withe many kinf of boards, some one with external timer, and others without external timer. It's why this value is calculate automaticaly by Jedicut.

If you activate "dynamic heating control", Jedicut calculate the heating value between each points of each profiles, in order to have a constant radiation, added automaticaly (If my memory is right, beacause I don't work on this since many times). This functionality maybe improved, but now I don't have time to work on Jedicut.