Re: Problem with DXF

It seems that Jerome has successfully imported the .dxf format from an old OEM version of CorelDraw. If we knew which version of Corel this was, and what Autocad version of .dxf it outputs, we might be able to mimic this with other software.

For instance A9Converter:


Also another possible problem is not knowing the steps are needed to input a .dxf into Jedicut properly.

Do we do that when we first open Jedicut? Or later when choosing a profile? And what do we see when we do successfully import it? Are we switched into profile view? Or is the imported .dxf available to pick as a profile, like an airfoil?

Without understanding how to import the .dxf, or what happens when we do, or what actions we are supposed to perform, we may just not be doing it right.

Perhaps it is properly importing, and we just don't know it.

If we could get these things clarified, I'd be happy to write up a Help section for using it.

Re: Problem with DXF


I worked on DXF R12 specification. I'm actually working on a new solution more powerful with the new plugin architecture. I first work on classic format like dat to validate the soluton with Jedicut and after that, I will work on dxf compatibility.

Re: Problem with DXF


would it be possible for you to post a .dxf file here that does import successfully into Jedicut, so that we can examine its content, and then compare it with the Autocad 12 files we can't get to work.

Maybe the problem is something very simple, like a header change. We could then fix our files and get Jedicut to accept them.

I know you are working on more elegant solutions for the future , but many of us really need to cut a DXF object right now. If the problem is something simple, we should be able to spot it in the file.


Re: Problem with DXF

I have the similar problem, I use last version of jedicut with plugin for DXF. When I try open any files, in open window I can use only *.jdc *.jdp *.prf *.dat v0.1. My jedicut don't see any other files in open window.
I donwload the jedicut in zipfile on pendrive, now I can open dxf on one coputer, but when I use it (the same pendrive) in home computer, dxf in jedicut dont work :(
Jerome, could you tell me if I should install diffrent aplication,plugins etc ??

Re: Problem with DXF

I use windows XP with sp3. Update sample of dxf is not nesesery, I can't open any dxf files, because in open window (file / open) I can't choice DXF type. Of course then I cant see any dxf files.
When I used jedicut without dll-patch I cant choice the dxf file, only .jdc *.jdp *.prf *.dat. Now, when I have dll patch when I try open the file I can choice file type: .jdc *.jdp *.prf and diffrent *.dat V0.1
I think dll patch works, but no sufficient.