Parallel port address


Jedicut does not connect to my parallel port, the port address is FE98 can you modify the jedicut.dll so that it will work? My OS is winXP sp2 and I will be using stepperworld FET-4 board.

I have tested the parallel port with mach3 and it works perfectly by just pointing it to this port address.

Is it possible for you to add a port address option within the Parallel Port Confguration page in jedicut?

Thank you

Re: Parallel port address

I have no checked the output pin voltage whilst using the manual control and am getting the correct results, so hopefully this should work when I connect the stepperworld fet4 board.

At the moment, with no board connected, I still get the "Exception EConvertError dans le module CncNet_win_xp_vista_7_32_x64.dll dans 00006B56" message when I try to cut.

Do you know what this means? Is it a problem?



Re: Parallel port address

Hello Dave,
Please test the followings steps :

-Your parallel port is listed in your "device manager" as "communication port", is named like "LPT", and the address you have indicated is the address base (the first of the parallel port).

-Download again the last version of the plug-in.

-Be sure the plug-in setup is correct : It's an .ini file wich contain the address (the .txt version is out of date now ) and it must be in Jedicut's folder, with the file "inpout32.dll".

-When you choose the plug-in communication, the address must be correct : "Utilisation de la MM2001 avec systèmes Windows 32 et 64bits. Adresse du port paralèlle : FE98"

I have tested this plug-in with windows XP SP3 and a MM2001 (parallel interface with address CFF8), and it works.


Re: Parallel port address

Hello Rob,

Please post the informations of your parallel port listed in your device manager (name, adress, mode...)

I remember I has this bug once or two time since the plug-in's development, but unfortunaly I forgot the issue :p...

Be careful, it must exists just ONE jedicut.exe on the computer, because the plug-in search the ini file into the jedicut's folder, in the computer's folders. If there is many jedicut.exe, may the plug-in couldn't found the correct jedicut folder, and the correct adress port.