Cutting fuselage from dxf


I try to cut a fuselage from a dxf file create with Solid Edge (see attached zip file).

The fuselage is separated into two halves for better assembling. To cut just one half is no problem, but I would like to cut both halves in one run. Therefore I placed the two halves in one dxf file and connected them with two lines in away that the result is just one great contour. The two connecting lines are very close to each other.
Unfortunately in the cut manager two different pathes are selected for the "Extrado" for the root and tip wing part (see jpgs) .

Is there a way to choose what part of the contour is the extrado? Or can i change the order of pathes independantly for the root and tip wing?

I hope I pointed out my problem clear enaough. I know it is hard to understand and I hope the attached files will help to understand.

Thank you very much.

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Re: Cutting fuselage from dxf

Hello Vincent,

I tried several positions for the points (1) and (2) but the direction in which the path starts from point (1) is always the same.
Is there a way to manually change this?

How does Jedicut select this direction? May be I can solve my problem if I know how Jedicut works.

Thank you very much,


Re: Cutting fuselage from dxf


if I check the reverse option, the direction is changed in both the root and the tip wing panel. Therefore the result is the same. I can´t reverse the pathes for the root and the tip independently...

Maybe I must be a little bit more clear.

If you take a look at the root wing, the path for the "extrado" starting from point (1) goes first left and the long way around the contour. At the tip wing window, the extrado path takes the short way down from point (1). To cut the fuselage correct, for both the root and the tip cut the starting direction from point (1) must be the same.

If I get it completely wrong, maybe you can send me a jdc-file with the proper settings. The dxf files are attached to the first post


Re: Cutting fuselage from dxf

Hello again,

I have a dxf file for each half. Since each half contains a flute I have to separate them in the dxf file. Otherwise the two parts wounld not fit hence the wire eats up a certain amount of material. As mentioned above I can cut the parts separately but for better accuracy I like to do in one run.

In the attached jpg you can see what the contour looks like a little bit more detailed. The two parts are placed adverse and are connected by two lines so I get only one great contour.
How does Jedicut decide in which direction the path for the extrado starts? As you can see in the first attachements they are different for the root and the tip....
Can I make different settings (e.g. reverse) for the root and the tip wing?

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Re: Cutting fuselage from dxf

Oops sorry, I haven't seen the real problem in the cycle with the root and tip.

So, may try to modify one of your dxf to obtain the same "order" of points than the other. May the easier way is to do a new copy/paste ... (your root and tip seems very similars).

I don't know how Jedicut works really, but may Jerome could explain it and provide a better help to your issue.

Re: Cutting fuselage from dxf


I'm searching but I don't find why Jedicut inverse extrado and intrado.

I have a question : root profiles and tip profiles seem to be the same. Is it right ? If it's right, you can try to check "symmetrical profile" in the cutting Windows.

I'm still working on your problem.

Re: Cutting fuselage from dxf

You create 2 different profiles, Jedicut read more points in one of your 2 files, but the result looks to be the same. I think Jedicut doesn't read the same way the 2 files because of the dxf structure.

What I suggest to reverse extrado/intrado :
1 - Open as a profile the dxf files you want to "reverse"
2 - Save it as a dat file
3 - Open dat in a text editor, select the list of points and copy/paste this list in Excel or similar software
4 - Invert all rows : the frst become the last and the last become the first, the second become the penultimate and the penultimate become the second...

I do it for you, take a look at the dat attached file. It's your tip. I also attached a jdc sample file.
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