foam cuter

hi at the moment i am working on a 3D printed Foam cuter
my design criteria
1 keep the price as low as possible
2 it must cut wings panels of 1300 mm and fuz section off 50 mm to 100 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm
3 run from a USB Arduino ramps 1.4 with open source software
4 all the farm parts to be 3D printed with X Y A B axis my be a 5 axis for rotary cutting

so i cam up with this design i have base it on a 16 mm steel tube box farm with belt drive X A axis and screw drive Y B axis this means that the size of the axis can be as long as you need as this only means longer tubes and belts and not extensive liner bars or rails that seam to be very high priced when they are over 600 mm long.
I have used box design so the two towers are joined at the top and bottom with tubs the towers can be moved from 200 mm to 1500 mm apart and the X and y axis are 1 m x 1 m cutting travel witch will give me the size that i need for fuz sections and delta wings with cutting angels of up to 48 degree.
it will be driven from USB Arduino ramps 1.4 using Nema 17 stepper motor with 4000 (56 oz-in) 1.7 A 40 mm and Solid V slot Wheel and parts from 3d printers
i am not using a heated bow for the cutting wire as it tends to get in the way and cache on the farm and towers so i have come up with a tension system that will give a .5 kg to 2 kg tension on the wire with lintel or now friction giving a smooth cut.
and i am not that good at the software side of things so will be asking and need a lot of help with that so if you have suggestions on improving this design i would be grateful for your input.
love to design
Fichiers joints
m_Combo CNC.jpg
m_fram foam cuter 4.jpg
m_fram foam cuter 2.jpg
m_fram foam cuter 1.jpg