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ven. mars 16, 2018 1:14 am
Hello all! I´m Alfredo from Brasil. I just finished a arduino uno board with a CNC shield v3. I´ve followed all instructions given by TJMarch on post 207. The motors were tested and all four are working outside jedicut. I did the jedicut configuration using the same parameters as TJmarch on the same post. When I start Jedicut look´s like it is not comunicanting with arduino. I could not find a place to tell Jedicut what port my arduino is using. I do not çnow if is necessary to change the lpt port# to a usb port#.
Best regards to all
Hello, I'm from Brazil (MG). Are you using cnc Shield v3 + a4988? you have to contact you via email (email etc). Thank you.

Re: Jedicut and Arduino over USB


Dans le répertoire de Jedicut il doit y avoir le fichier "comport.ini", c'est un fichier texte qu'il faut modifié pour que le port corresponde.

La dll "USBSerial.dll" doit être dans le sous répertoire "Dll"

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C:\Program Files (x86)\Jedicut\
         DIR	        	Decoupes\
         DIR	        	Dll\
         DIR	        	Lang\
         DIR	        	Profils\
          25	ini     	adresse_port_LPT.ini
         301	ini     	comport.ini
       46592	dll     	ddddio.dll
         128	txt     	GCode_by_Jedicut_277785497.txt
         128	txt     	GCode_by_Jedicut_278565931.txt
       98304	dll     	inpout32.dll
     6121984	exe     	Jedicut.exe
         809	ini     	Jedicut.ini
        2357	ini     	Jedicut_Default.ini
        2379	ini     	Jedicut_df_600.ini
        2379	ini     	Jedicut_GR_600.ini
      346624	dll     	Jedipix.dll

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C:\Program Files (x86)\Jedicut\Dll\
       99840	dll     	CncNet_win_XP_vista_7_32_x64.dll
       90112	dll     	CncNet_XP.dll
       90112	dll     	CncNet98.dll
       89600	dll     	Frank.dll
       89088	dll     	GCode.dll
       89088	dll     	MaxCom.dll
       89088	dll     	MaxCom_XP.dll
       89600	dll     	MDLCNC_XP.dll
       88576	dll     	Start.dll
       63488	dll     	USBSerial.dll
       94720	dll     	USBSerial_2.dll
       89600	dll     	VisualCNC.dll
       89600	dll     	VisualCNC_XP.dll

A bientôt.

Re: Jedicut and Arduino over USB

Hello guys,

sorry my english is not really good.
I´m trying to build a cnc cutter. The hardware is pretty much done but I´m having problems with the software. I have the Arduino Uno with the cnc shield V3.
I don´t have any experience with arduino yet.

I have a problem with the connection between jedicut and the arduino controller.
What did I wrong?

I copied the long code from poste #199 and uploaded it with the Arduino software on the Arduino controller.
I changed my Jedicut pinout like in code #199 discriped.
After that I created a comport.ini (there was none before) file with the code from poste #215.
My Arduino COM port is 4.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you very much
Best wishes Robin