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Re: [Translation] Second Polish translation file !

Hello Jerome Regarding 1st point - the name is correct and the translation problem has been resolved. In the .xml language files this name is placed (for earlier versions of the program) in the block [AIDE] <Help1 Caption="& Aide"/> as the line <Preferences1 Caption="Préférences"/> so the program v2...

Re: Cutting text

The problem is probably not closed polylines.
What program do you use to create .dxf files
Upload a .dxf file so you can say something more.

I apologize for my English, but I am using a google translator

Polish help file

Hello Jerome, I decided to collect basic information on the use of the Jedicut program in one place. I have allowed myself to use tutorials, information, explanations, posted by you, Alain and other forum and blog users, and supplemented it with my small work experience on my CNC machine, controlled...

Re: [Translation] Second Polish translation file !

Hello Jerome, I found only 2 non-translated lines, related to the detection of a new file version, in the Polish 2.zip file. Not sure where I should look for the remaining 4 The current version has the headline: <!-- Jedicut - Polish --> <!-- Auteur : Józef --> <!-- Date création : 09/01/11 --> <!--...

Re: 3D Printed Machine

Hello Tom The forum Jedicut is the entire thread dedicated to the machine made based on 3D printouts. here's the link [url]https://www.jedicut.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=9478[/url] there is also a link [url]http://www.jroger.net/cnc/RusticaRework.zip[/url] for packed STL files for 55SI-25D and ...

Re: problème dans la fenêtre cycle de découpe

Hello I had a similar problem while opening jedicut-v2.3.4.7 in a new folder (some errors were appearing) After installing in the existing Jedicut-v2.3.4.1 operating directory, the problem has disappeared This is how I did it: 1. Open Jedicut - v2.3.4.1 and change the Jedicut.exe file extension (e.g...

Re: Module TIMER et chauffe auto/manu pour fil chaud ( XM2016 )

Sorry for the language, but the Google translator, I hope you understand You open the first link, at the very bottom of the CODE SOURCE file is HEX XM2016 The download option appears when you right-click on a file. (there is a field in which you click "save as" and a window to save the .hex file app...

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