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Re: Manual motor movement

Hi Alain, OK. Here is a link to a screenshot of the signals received by my Atmega Pro mini with only X1 axis selected . And the following for just Y1 selected.

Re: Manual motor movement

Hi Areoden, I have tried to attach some screen shots ( .png extension attachments) of the analyser serial commands and motor signals but I am not having much success. I can add the files but they are not included when I submit my post? The Arduino sketch is 'fcifmdlcnc' from Jerome's Github extensio...

Manual motor movement

Hi, I have just recently been made aware of this software. In the past I have cut foam cores with a 'bow' cutter. They come out reasonably well, however, a cnc hot wire cutter will do a better job. Hence my interest in this software. I want to use a USB serial connection and have been testing the so...

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