Right and left wings are slightly different

Hello all,
I`m having some trouble with jedicut that I can not figure out. I usualy start by cutting the left wing and after the right one. Always I get one slightly different from the other, I use two pieces of the same foam board and the distance from the left sid of the machine is also the same for every cut. when I put the two roots together the right one is always a milimiter or two bigger than the left one. I do not know how to correct this...someone could help me please?
Regards from Brazil

Re: Right and left wings are slightly different

Hello Alfredo,

The difference between the left wing and the right wing comes from the method used. Jedicut does his calculations in relation to the root. For the left wing, the offset value of the block from the wire support is the offset value in the cutting assistant screen. For the right wing, the following calculation must be carried out for the value of the offset, to obtain the same distance but to the right.
For the right wing: the offset for the right wing = Wire length - (right wing span + left wing offset).
Good cut
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