MM2001 Interface Details

i want to connect my home-grown stepper motor board (based on L297/L298) to Jedicut. It seems to me that the best way is to implement the behaviour of a MM2001 board. What i cannot see from the MM2001 documentation is: does it take a motor step on the low to high or on the high low transition of the clock (step) pulses? And are the timer pulses (on pin 10) only required for the programmed heating of the wire or also for stepping the motors?

One additional question: i don't hear about end switches in MM2001 or Jedicut. How do you drive the mechanics to a well defined starting (reference) position? Where is Jedicut's "zero" position: upper left position, lower right position?

Thanks for your support.
Ulrich Knur

Re: MM2001 Interface Details


I think MM2001 take a motor step on the low to high transition of the clock. The timer is required for heating control and for stepping motors. Jedicut don't use starting point, because it does relative cut. It means that whatever its position, the mechanics starts the cut when you order it on Jedicut.

Can you tell me more about your board ? Maybe you can't modify it and we can use other Jedicut dll or we can program a new one.

Re: MM2001 Interface Details

Hi Jerome,

thanks for your answer and your offer to help. My board is based on the L297/L298 ICs. That Means:
- Max 50V 2A, chopped current control
- unipolar or bipolar stepper motors
- full step or half step, with "enhanced" half step for more sinusoidal current with high stepping frequencies
- control by direction + step signals
I can send you more details if you are interested.
Within the next two weeks i will do some testing with Jedicut. If i am not successful, i will come back to you for help. Maybe you can tell me now where i can find information on the interface of the other cards you support.

Ulrich Knur