Fuselage cut

I have it working and am playing with different profiles of wings and now fuselage cuts. Cutting the left side I don't have any problems but when cutting the right I do. Is there someway to flip or reverse the co- ordinates to do the other side. Any advice would be appreciatted for somebody learning.
Thanks, John

Re: Fuselage cut

When you want to cut a wings, you have to move the heating wire manualy to the start position (using manual motor control in Jedicut). To cut fuselage it's the same thing : you just have to move the heating wire to its start position, and after you can can start the cut.

Re: Fuselage cut

I understand that part but was enquiring how to reverse the cut for an opposite shell of a fuselage.
Now I have a cutting problem to go along with this one. When I manually travel cutting foam to square the block the steppers travel without a problem. No strange noises or anything. But when I do a cut it moves into the block smooth but when it starts cutting a profile it sounds awful and skips all the time. I changed the speeds for cutting a lot of times trying to correct it and also used the speeds for manual control and can not find anything to get a correct cut. Looks horrible when it skips then cuts through the middle of the profile.

Re: Fuselage cut


Before cutting a fuselage, you have to choose the side : "left" or "right". Have you seen that ?

I don't know what to say for your speed while I don't have specification describing how sending signal :/ Do you ask this to Dave on HobbyCNC website ? Do you try to decrease the speed (increasing the value in Kedicut configuration form) ?