Time-out errors

I have got the system working quite well with the CNCNet_XP DLL except that the speed of the cut is exceedingly slow and I can only reduce that speed (not increase it) by altering the cut-speed values.

I figured I'd supply an external timer signal (5V P-P on pin 10) to allow this to be altered but I keep getting nothing but a Timeout error whenever I check the "synchronize engine rotation with external timer" box.

I've tried using timer frequencies of 1000Hz, 2000Hz and 4000Hz and adjusting the cut-speed parameters but I get nothing but the TimeOut error.

What am I missing here?

What signal is expected on Pin 10?

I assume (looking at what little hardware references I can find for other boards) that it's a 1KHz to 4KHz pulse train with a 50% duty-cycle and a 5V P-P amplitude (which is what I've tried feeding it).

Re: Time-out errors

Problem solved. It seems that as soon as I give up on a problem and post here, I end up solving it myself.

Signal ground was open-circuit -- hooked it up to earth and everything works just fine now.