Jedicut and Profili

I noticed that when you save an airfoil as a .dxf from Profili
(unregistered) that Jedicut will not be able to import the file. I
was trying to find a program to convert from .dxf to .dat and ran
across an old post on RCGroups about such a program from the writer of
Foamworks/Cadworks. So I downloaded an evaluation copy of Cadworks and opened the
.dxf file that Profili had generated.

Before Cadworks will open the file it pops up a window that says
"Select Codepage" Drawings codepage is undefined, select Codepage from

There is a list beginning with Central Europe (1250). I selected the
Central Europe one and the drawing opened. I was then able to save
the drawing in Cadworks as a .dxf file that Jedicut would import.

Is this a problem with Profili or Cadworks and Jedicut? I can open
the Profili .dxf drawings using eDrawings though.


Re: Jedicut and Profili

I converted a dxf file from Profili using DevConv from the link I posted above. However when I import the converted file into Jedicut I get this. Is this going to be a problem when I go to cut? It looks the same when I save the dxf file in Jedicut to a .jdp file and then open that file to do a Wing Cut.

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