cutting trapezoidal wing problem

Hello, I am using the Hobby CNC controller - Win 98 with an old laptop- everything works great if I cut a symetrical wing, but if I try cutting a trapezoidal wing the sweep back works but nothing else. When I put in the wing size and the table size (distance to the x axis on both sides) it cuts a wing that is smaler in size (airfoil) but bigger in wing length. I tried changing the wing and table size and it does not matter what size - numbers I put in, it always cuts the same wing in the same size.
I read the problem from the other user and I checked my settings and I think I did everything correct.
For any help I would be thankfull.
Thomas Saam

Re: cutting trapezoidal wing problem

I tried some more. The wing I want to cut is 189 mm long, but my table is big and I have 350 mm on each side to the x axis. I do get an error message saying that" the use of the cut wizard is impossible and is gonna be shut off. Do you want to continue with the cut?"
Original message "l'utilisation de l'assistant de découpe est impossible; il va étre désactive
voulez-vous continuer la découpe"

Is the distance from the block to the x axis too far with 350 mm?

Re: cutting trapezoidal wing problem


My english is too bad to explain this but the cutting wizard is working only with same profile on root and tips. If your try to cut a circle on root and a square on tip with cutting wizard, you can't obtain correct shape.

In some case, Jedicut has to desactivate cutting wizard because some cuts are impossible (when the trapezoidal property is important)

I'm working on this for the next Jedicut version ;)

Re: cutting trapezoidal wing problem

Thank you for your answer.
I do have the same airfoil at the root and the tip just one is 80mm (root) and 37 mm (tip) the wing is just very short with 189 mm, it is the bottom wing of a - buhl air sedan - Airplane, I will try some more different wing sizes just for fun, I think your right the wing proportion is probably not right, but it is like the original airplane.

I love your software, I have a lot of fun with it, it is great for what I want to do and for my cnc machine which I built from trash / spare parts.

Thank you for your work.