Jedicut installation on Win 2000

Hi you all,

I would be glad to try Jedicut but...

I copyed the unzipped folder on my desktop and I double clicked the exe: than I got lots of error message saying "the dll file are not valid windows images". A single error message for each dll file in the folder.
It is there an installation procedure to do?


SOLVED: Jedicut installation on Win 2000

Hi Jerome,

I've found and solved the problem: as my pc for cnc works is not connected to the internet I'm used to download applications with my work computer that is a MAC. After downolading I unzip the file in Mac OS, then I transfer everything on the cnc PC with a usb pen. The unzipping operation on a mac CORRUPTS the .dll files... :o
Now Jedicut starts properly, today I'll start testing.

Thanks, Andrea