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Right now I'm in the process of designing/making a cnc foam cutter and I would like to also make my own motor control board. The board that I want to make is USB only and CDC based not HID like xavier's. Where can I get information on what function calls and names should a custom DLL expose to be abe to use it with jedicut. I am willing to open source my work, but I don't have where to host it. The board that I'm designing will also have heat control so I think is a very good solution to use in modern computers without parallel ports.

thanks, Marlon H.

Re: DLL info

Hi !

You have a very interesting project !

I can give you all header function in order to give you all you need to program your dll file. After that, if you need help, we can talk on this forum ;)

To host your ideas and your works, you can easyly create a website on Aeropassion. You just have to answer to this french thread http://www.aeropassion.net/forums/read.php?8,2426 . On your answer, write the name of your website. The url will be http://www.aeropassion.net/yoursitename

After that, I'll send you all things you need by email, and you'll publish all you want whithout html knowledge (You just have to click ;) ).

Re: DLL info

Thanks Jerome, I'll start working on the site this week. I'm somewhat busy but I want to get this going this week. I really want the board to be ready by January.

I'll keep you posted.