Re: Xavier USB adapter info plans

Hi Jerome,

I have build the USB adapter (with sincro) and did some some tests with the MM2001 (actually satisfactory with older version of Jedicut, but nothing cut yet - machine building to follow). Please confirm if the MM-USB firmware available on Xavier site is up-dated for 2.2.1 version of Jedicut or I should use the old firmare?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Xavier USB adapter info plans

Yes, one adapter firmware was developed by Xavier especially for MM2001 with external timer from MM2001 (xtc_adapt_MM_V2a.hex) and the other one (xtc_adapt_SA_V1.2.hex) is provided for any Mot. PAP interface i.e. without external timer signal (but I cannot confirm there is one inside the adapter generated by the firmware).

At least in my tests Jedicut v2.1.9 worked OK with the first one at 2kHz and 4kHz timer frequency and not relevant at 10kHz timer frequency; but as I said there were "cold" tests. The PIC 16F874 of MM2001 was burned with MM2001_V51.hex and PIC18F4550 of USB-CNC adapter was written with xtc_adapt_MM_V2a.hex.