External Timer

I'm trying to make a controler board based on a L297 / L298 setup to work with Jedicut.

I would like to know what kind of input pin 10 wants.
There is an RC network connected to the pin named OSC on the L297 that controles the chopper rate, can i use this to connect to pin 10?
There is a pin named SYNC that outputs the on-chip chopper oscillator, this pin is used for synchronizing with the other L297, or may be used with an external synchronizing clock, can i use this to connect to pin 10?

And could you please give me an explenasion of the pin's 17, 16, 11 and 12? (Input or Output, waves or singe state)

Kind regards
Peter Christensen

Re: External Timer


Jedicut need a rectangular signal on pin 10. This signal use to be the external timer.

Pin 11 and 16 need a rectagular signal and are used for heating control. I think pin 11 is an input for Jedicut, and the pin 16 is an output.

Pin 12 need a single state signal in order to indicate the heating mode (PC control mode, or manual mode).

It's difficult for me to explain this in english :p