Motors resonating

I have ben testing Jedicut for some days.
But I can not get the motors to run smooth.
I have ben testing manny different values/speeds and dll.
The travel is correct and speed seams ok.
The cnc card works fine with mach3.
Can it be the pin 17 engine on/off
In the manual for the board Pin 17 is marked as relay control.

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Hi there,

i am using the last beat version when i encountered this problem, but i got it also when i tried the last stable version.

When i use 2 dat files with the same amount of key-points, i gat an error when i try to preview the cut file, or when i try to cut the file.

Anyone has a clue, im am too new at this to say hat it's a bug so i'mm probably doing something wrong



Re: Motors resonating

Hi Daniel

I think I might have the same problem. See my post "Steppers are skipping steps" also posted today :)

Cutting distance and speed is OK but motors randomly skips/resonate within the same cut.

Please let me know if you find a solution.


Re: Motors resonating

I still can not get the motors to run smooth
I have been testing with mach 3
And everything works good (from 1 -2 mm/sec feed)
I can not find any proseses who wold interfer.
I have onely run jedicut with no load (no material )

Nb mm/pas = 0.005 (I have 1 mm pitch on leadscrews) 1,8deg 200 stepp motors
Cut speed =600 (with estimate 0.03 mm/sec)
fast =900 (with estimate 0.02 mm/sec) If I try 1400 (estimat = 0,01) and any number over that makes no diference.
Visualcnc xp.dll is jused.

One more thing.
My driver board runs mutch warmer ??