jedicut slow motion

Hallo Jerome,
i tested your Software since a few weeks and I must say its very nice und good for people who building foamies. But there are some little Problems I will ask you.
Only the visualcnc.dll and the CNCNET98.dll work with my Board under Win98SE. The Maxcom_XP doesn`t do it. The Problem is the Machine work very slowly.
As an example foamworks is very faster but is not easy to program. I like Jedicut :-).
That was i found is the following: When I Open Jedicut ( all settings are done) and as the second I open foamworks shortly (after this i close foamworks ) so Jedicut is working very faster and I have the same maximum speed like Foamworks.
What is the Problem and can you do something to set it in the jedicut dll in next version?
Or is it better to work with an external Timer?
The other Problem is to import dxf files. There are mistaked lines in the file there are never before in the cad program (like as ACad12 version).I think is a generally Problem with continued vectors from the dxf file import with the many different versions, is it so?
I hope you can give me an answer in this problems.
You make a good work, thanks!!!
Greetings Torsten
Sorry my english is not the best one.

Re: jedicut slow motion

Hi !

What board do you use ? Do you have an external timer ?

Do you know what kind of driver foamwork is installed by foamwork ? Do you try to uninstall foamwork ?

Do try all dll, because the choice of dll files depends on the board.

Importing DXF is a beta function. I'm sorry, I need time to work on it :(

Re: jedicut slow motion

Hi Jerome,
thank you for your fast answer.
My Board is a SC22P, it has two channels and so I have two one`s (2x2 channel`s) I bought it for any years by GWR Electronic. It is a Board with full and half step and the old L297/L298 circuits and optocouplers in the datalines. Its like one as Frank`s one from the other threed here. There are no more information about. These are only steppermotorboards without heatcontrol and external timer.
The fact is that the JC Program is working exactly (0.02mm) very slow stand alone.
When i start foamworks shortly open the manual control center and than shut it down (I think an dll be able to work in the ram) then your jedicut software run faster:-))). When i reboot the PC than has jedicut forgotten his "running"speed :-(((.
In this time i cut new fuselage (left and right half side) it gives a new Problem.The second half (right one) lose steps :-( I don`t know why. May be the foamworks "ghost driver" making this. I reduce the cutting speed.
and it is better, but to slow.( only 1 -1,5 mm/s)

The following dll`s are used in foamworks but I dont Know what they do and who`s activated from the manual control center in foamworks.

To answer your ask where is my timer, i have built one like the mm2001 quarz based one with the 4060 circuit and a frequenzy of 2000Hz ( it be testet by a electronic worker).
however the Signal goes as a positive one with level 4,5 - 4,6 Volts on Pin 10. But the Machine doesn`t works. Using The CNCNET98.ll a short noise is in the stepper motor and an Error is displaying like "Time out:-1".Also the visualcnc.dll , Maxcom does not works. I have also work with different speed values systemately.
A little Information to my system there it was not good condition for JC under W XP I have reactivated my old P3 500Mhz (is it to slow?)with 256Mb ram and have an fresh installed W98 without a Printerdriver.

I will be very happy if you can help me in my trouble...

Greetings Torsten

Re: jedicut slow motion


Jedicut can work on you P3 500MHz too ;)

The message "Time out:-1" indicate that Jedicut can't read the external timer. It's not a speed settings problem. If you use Win XP, don't forget to use XP dll files in Jedicut.

Do you try to uninstall Foamworks and run Jedicut ?

Re: jedicut slow motion

jedicut works on my machine but too slow, with big noise. (1 turn per second= 1,5mm per second) When I deinstall Foamworks is the same thing as with foamworks on Harddrive. I must start foamworks and his motor driver and then close it down.
Thereafter jedicut works faster. (can it be the io.dll?)
What Signal must the external timer produce ? I think a rectangular. But how long high Level and how long low Level?
so long....