Cut program

Hey all,
I'm new to this stuff so bare with me if my questions are...anyway is there a way to start the cut from the trailing edge, do the bottom of the airfoil, around the leading edge, and back to the trailing edge all in one motion?

Also, what are the dimensions for the in cut, the out cut and how do I inc/dec these dimensions.

Cut my first wing this morning, its 2:36am in Michigan came out sorta ok but will be better as I get used to this program!

Thnx in advance

Re: Cut program

Hi Michael - yes, you can do what you're suggesting, but whether it's a good idea or not is another question.

No issue with starting at the TE (other than you may need to reverse the direction of your X axes for it to do what you expect), but I'd be dubious about doing the bottom of the foil first.

The reason being that as you cut the foam, some of the heat is absorbed, which in turn causes the foam to expand slightly and deform the block. To counter that, you load some weight on the top of the foam block. The problem with cutting the bottom surface first then, is that the core will drop down by the width of the cut (kerf) as you transition from bottom to top surface. So, your foil will lose it's accuracy.

I do the top first - I don't care if the offcut shell drops down after it's been separated.

Cycle of Cut manager is where you need to spend some time experimenting!