Does Jedicut support this board

I am planning to make a circuit board to run the unipolar stepper motors.The circuit is shown in the link below ... Driver-ci/

control board circuit

The motor control is done through step & direction signals given to the parallel port. Wanted to know if we can use Jedicut software for this circuit. What are the port settings to be used on the software.

Thanks in advance.... must say your software has a very good GUI...


Re: Does Jedicut support this board

Hi Jerome,
Thanks for your reply. I constructed the circuit and i find that it is working with Jedicut software....(:P). I was able to run the stepper motor using the manual mode.... but only when i use the cut option to cut any test wing i see that the signals going to the motor coils are very fast.... due to which the motor is simply vibrating as it does not get time to react to the signals..... I do not have any timer for this circuit.

What can be done to reduce the frequency at which the signals are sent to the motor...

I am using a 1.8deg/step unipolar motor.
set mm/pas as 0.007471............ (25.4/(360*17))*1.8
cut speed as 1
fast speed as 2
"Synchronise with external timer" is not used...
Used both dlls......... Cncnet_xp.dll & VisualCNC_XP.dll
I used this sample file in the Jedicut directory...... "Decoupe une passe.jdc"

Please let me know if i doing anything wrong...... Also i tried this circuit using KCam software .... it works fine.... But i feel Jedicut is more intuitive to work with so want JEDICUT to cut foam wings....

Please Help...