Set ups for HobbyCNC board

I am using an old win98 Laptop by Toshiba.
It uses LPT2 not LPT1 and that is on 378

I am amazed that Jedicut figured that out
I have found NOT setting to actually select that address.

I have built and tested my HobbyCNC board on all 4 axies.
I used a Parallel port monitor program to single step for testing.

Jedicut only works FOR ME with VisualCNC.dll and
only in Manual when I set Dependence ON

Then, two motors run OR if I choose Oblique all FOUR motors run.

So the Motors DO Run but that is the extent of my limited success with Jedicut.

1. I cannot change speed by FAST or SLOW or by changing settings on the Options pages.
I have tried a zillion combinations.
2. I cannot get only ONE motor to run. Only with Dependence on, then 2 motors.
3. There does not seem to be a direction change in the manual mode

Is there a DLL specifically for HobbyCNC ?

Is there a clear set up posting or page that I can review and work from ?

Thanks for any insight or assistance

Bob Neitzke

I use this Laptop on my Flatbed CNC machine.

As I am using an older OS, on an Older PC, I am severely Limited
because NONE of my other options work this machine.

Re: Set ups for HobbyCNC board

Thanks for quick reply !

I have NO external timer.

What frequency should it be IF I make one ?
Could it be a simple 555 timer circuit ?

YES , that MaxCom.dll does work to a slight degree.

I just cannot get the Speeds to change no matter the setting.

I am using .009 mm / step

My board is set to 1/ step mode by jumpers and my motors are large NEMA 35, 6 wire Superior Electric. ( blue )

IF I get everything set correctly and working ...

Can I use Profili G-code, Converted to DXF , as Input to Jedicut ?

Thanks again