error message

Hi Jerome and others:

I just downloaded the new 2.1.1 version, and when trying to move motor ( with or without interfase connected) I get the error " Time out ".
What is the meaming, or what to do? is it a bug or what?
I re installed the program and run it again with the same results.

Any idea?
Thanks , Jorge

Re: error message

Hi Jerome:

The card is a brand new homemade MM2001 made following the cnc-net dossier.
Modified to accept wire conection for the motors, instead of flat wire connectors.

Plug in selectedis the cncnet XP.dll one, because that´s the system I have.
Pic was programmed by a friend, outside the card , due to programming limitation to Win 98.
Program used is the early one, not version 2.
And I can not test it on GMFC, ( just to check the card) because the trial period has expired!

Jorge A.

Re: error message

Hi Jerome

Yes, seems like that. Rechecked all connections, welds, etc.but nothing seems bad.
Only mistery is pic programation...
Or should I change something else on the cpu configutation?

During the weekend I´ll be reprograming the pic with the version 2 software, and try to test it on another cpu. I understand that can not use my win XP machine to run the programation soft, right ?
Is there any problen using Jedicut and Win 2000 based machines ?

We shall see,... light or smoke !
Jorge A.

Re: error message


It's not a system problem, nor a Jedicut one. I really think that it's a CNC board problem because Jedicut can't read external timer signal. What's your speed configuration ? Can you control the timer signal on pin 10 of your board parallel port ?


Re: error message

Hi Jerome:

Answering your questions:
What's your speed configuration ?
1000000 for cutting and 500000 high speed, I have also tried from 2000 up to 2000000 for each motor, but no difference.
Changed the Xtl ( 16 Mhz ) rechecked al solders and reprogrammed ( externaly ) the pic with v2 hex.
Now the time out message is not present, but still not working.

Can you control the timer signal on pin 10 of your board parallel port ?
This is a mm2001 board . I think there is no possibility to control timing. Right ?
If there is any way, how can I do that ?

Hope not blowing the parallel port during the weekend.
Jorge A.

Re: error message

Hallo Jerome:

Yes, oui, si, ya, da ... it works!!!!
Question, why with so low values ( 10 and lower) if i´ve seen 1000000 and higher numbers on the configuration messages ???
How does this number works, and what are the limits ???

Now I´ll continue with the heating power card.

Jorge A.