Jedicut for DIY CNC machine?

I see how you use the different plug-in DLL's for the different brands of CNC machine, but what about a homemade CNC machine? Is there a plug-in for a standard enable/direction/step parallel port protocol of how does one configure Jedicut for a CNC machine not in the list?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Re: Jedicut for DIY CNC machine?


Plugins are made for all kinds of cnc machine. if you build your own cnc board, you have two possibilities :
- you can create a cnc board compatible with existing plugins
- you can program your own plugins and share your project.

Why do you ask this question ? Do you have a project in mind ?

Re: Jedicut for DIY CNC machine?

I have built a cnc hotwire cutter and have downloaded your software. I have been trying to get it to work with my stepper motor drives with no luck. Will your software be compatable with the drives I am using. They are Gecko drives and I am using bipolar motors. I am not sure which communication protocol to use. At times I can get the motors to jump a few degrees but no consistant movement. I do not have any type of timer in the circuits. I appreciate any thoughts you might have. Thank you in advance.
Mike Paciga

Re: Jedicut for DIY CNC machine?

Hello and welcome ;)

What kind of signal do your cnc need ? Jedicut use a direction signal and a step signal for each motor.

If your board works like this, you have to control the pin configuration in Jedicut's settings.

If it's ok, control your speed value.What do you set up ?

Before all of this, choose the right communication plugin. What do you use ?