Runtime error

Good evening,

I am sorry to ask for your help again.

In 9 out of 10 times, I get a runtime error when i try to start the cut. After confirming error 1 (see attached file), the second one pops up. After that jedicut crashes and I have to restart it again.
I can use the manual mode and in some cases it is possible to a profile.
I am using Win7 64bit on a notebook with a Delock Express card 6620. My cnc controler board is from Letmathe.

Attached you can find my jedicut settings, my errors and and a jdc-file where I get the errors.

Does anybody has an idea where my problem is?

Thank you very much,

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Re: Runtime error

Hallo Josef,

das sieht nach Problemen mit dem Treiber der Delock Card aus.

Deinstalliere doch mal den Treiber der Delock Express card 66200 bei eingesteckter Card
im Gerätemanager von Windows.
Anschließend Card entfernen, Card wieder einstecken und Treiber neu installieren.

Eventuell läuft es dann.

Gruß Manfred

Re: Runtime error


I wil try it, but why can I use the manual mode and the maschine works without problems?

If it is a problem with the driver of my express card, it should not work in the manual mode either!?

But I noticed that If I load a jdc-File like the one attached in the first post, I get problems in the manual mode too and Jedicut crashes.



@ Manfred: Ich schreib auf Englisch, damit andere, die kein Deutsch können, den Post verfolgen und evtl Hilfestellung leisten oder davon profitieren können.

Re: Runtime error

Hello again,

I think I found a solution for my problem, but not the cause.

If I start Jedicut from the start menu (not a double click on a jdc-file) , go to tool and do nothing but hit "cancel", I can load any jdc-file and run the cutting process.

So I think it may have something to do with the dll (in my case the CncNet_XP_Vista_7.dll) which is not "loaded" correctly when starting the programm. To me it seems like a bug which Jerome has to verify...



P.S.: a reinstall of the driver for my express card did not solve my problem

Re: Runtime error


Generally this error occur when the CncNet_XP_vista_7.dll don't read the address port successfully in the address_port_LPT.ini.

The last version of this plug-in must read the address port just one time, when jedicut call it to initialize functions and procedures.

Be sure you have just ONE Jedicut folder, because the CncNet_XP_vista_7.dll search this folder and the address_port_LPT.ini. If many version exists, may it's the problem.