Jedicut with the 4xTB6560AHQ board 6B6560-4v3 - *.dll question

I have bought "new" version of the controller based on 4xTB6560AHQ .The board version is 6B6560-4v3 - the "red one":

I have checked the pin configuration for the controller described in the thread Jeducut with TB6560 4axis cnc board - if possible and analyzed the output signals with the parallel port monitor - "parmon" software ( and it seems that this driver could be suitable for my board except the enable signal for all axis, which on my board is on pin 1 of the parallel port and the provided driver controls pin 17. Setting change in the Engine On/Off (Jedicut menu: Tools/Options/Communication/Parallel Port) has no influence on the assignment of Enable signal on parallel port pins.

The pin configuration for board which I own is as follow :

1 Enable- LO active -all axis
2 Step X
3 Dir X
4 Step Y
5 Dir Y
6 Step Z
7 Dir Z
8 Step A
9 Dir A

10 limit switch X
11 limit switch Y
12 limit switch Z
13 limit switch A

14 Relay (for turn on/off eg. spindle or hot wire supply)

15 free

16 Step B - only signal/ no power unit on board - external controller fo B axe needed
17 Dir B - only signal/ no power unit on board- external controller for B axe needed

I know that I can change the electrical connections on board, but I wouldn't like to do it becouse I use this board already with other software as well.

Jerome would you mind to provide the driver version for this controller board? - I think it would be very useful for other users who like me bought this board.


Re: Jedicut with the 4xTB6560AHQ board 6B6560-4v3 - *.dll question


I take a look at Jedicut's communication plugins and they don't use Jedicut pin settings for enable signals. What Windows version do you use ?

I ask you because in a first time I don't want to modify all plugin, but just the one you need. And working on a new plugin specifically for this cnc board is a lot of work and I don't have it to do test.

Another important thing : register your profile on this forum and indicate your location just for fun ;)

Re: Jedicut with the 4xTB6560AHQ board 6B6560-4v3 - *.dll question

Today I have tried out the CncNet_XP.dll provided in last post, it seems that I can set now the enable output pin but the enable signal is reversed.
When I set the enable pin to 1 and manualy force it to low, using mentioned paramon program, the motors started to work, when the moving sequence has been finished the pin was not set to high.- It seems that inversion of enable signal is needed (active low).