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ven. mars 16, 2018 1:14 am
Hello all! I´m Alfredo from Brasil. I just finished a arduino uno board with a CNC shield v3. I´ve followed all instructions given by TJMarch on post 207. The motors were tested and all four are working outside jedicut. I did the jedicut configuration using the same parameters as TJmarch on the same post. When I start Jedicut look´s like it is not comunicanting with arduino. I could not find a place to tell Jedicut what port my arduino is using. I do not çnow if is necessary to change the lpt port# to a usb port#.
Best regards to all
Hello, I'm from Brazil (MG). Are you using cnc Shield v3 + a4988? you have to contact you via email (email etc). Thank you.

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Dans le répertoire de Jedicut il doit y avoir le fichier "comport.ini", c'est un fichier texte qu'il faut modifié pour que le port corresponde.

La dll "USBSerial.dll" doit être dans le sous répertoire "Dll"

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C:\Program Files (x86)\Jedicut\
         DIR	        	Decoupes\
         DIR	        	Dll\
         DIR	        	Lang\
         DIR	        	Profils\
          25	ini     	adresse_port_LPT.ini
         301	ini     	comport.ini
       46592	dll     	ddddio.dll
         128	txt     	GCode_by_Jedicut_277785497.txt
         128	txt     	GCode_by_Jedicut_278565931.txt
       98304	dll     	inpout32.dll
     6121984	exe     	Jedicut.exe
         809	ini     	Jedicut.ini
        2357	ini     	Jedicut_Default.ini
        2379	ini     	Jedicut_df_600.ini
        2379	ini     	Jedicut_GR_600.ini
      346624	dll     	Jedipix.dll

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C:\Program Files (x86)\Jedicut\Dll\
       99840	dll     	CncNet_win_XP_vista_7_32_x64.dll
       90112	dll     	CncNet_XP.dll
       90112	dll     	CncNet98.dll
       89600	dll     	Frank.dll
       89088	dll     	GCode.dll
       89088	dll     	MaxCom.dll
       89088	dll     	MaxCom_XP.dll
       89600	dll     	MDLCNC_XP.dll
       88576	dll     	Start.dll
       63488	dll     	USBSerial.dll
       94720	dll     	USBSerial_2.dll
       89600	dll     	VisualCNC.dll
       89600	dll     	VisualCNC_XP.dll

A bientôt.

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first I want to say thank you for your work on the USB sketch for arduino. It works well for me, besides from the PWM for heating.

In my case it is reversed and I do not know why. When I have 100% in jedicut, the PSU is on 0A - when I have 1% in Jedicut, the PSU is on 4A etc..
Can you tell me, what I have to change, that 100% = 4A and not reversed?

Thank you in advance.
Jedicut 2.4.1 build 0 * Letmathe MDLCNC-T4V5 * arduino UNO with fcifmdlcnc.ino + DB25 adapter * MeanWell NPF-120D-24 for PWM controlled heating CC * 5V->10V PWM ... r-arduino/

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Pouvez-vous nous préciser si vous utilisez le schémas du dossier Jedicut-Alden avec la puissance PWM de la carte Ramps 1.4 ou si vos utilisez un autre générateur indépendant commandé par la Ramps 1.4 ou le signal de la carte Arduino en direct ?
A+ Alain


Can you tell us if you are using the Jedicut-Alden folder diagrams with the PWM power of the Ramps 1.4 board or if you are using another independent generator controlled by the Ramps 1.4 or the Arduino live board signal?