Re: [Translation] Second Polish translation file !

Hello Jerome,
I found only 2 non-translated lines, related to the detection of a new file version, in the Polish file. Not sure where I should look for the remaining 4

The current version has the headline:

<!-- Jedicut - Polish -->
<!-- Auteur : Józef -->
<!-- Date création : 09/01/11 -->
<!-- Date of third Polish modification : 13/02/18-->

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Re: Polish translation V2.4.1

Hello Jerome
I would like to update the Jedicut_v2.4.1 translation into Polish but I have a problem.
1. The translation of the name of the "Preferences" card in the "Options" window is impossible, in any language only the French name appears.
2. Similarly, the translation of the "New speed algorithm" checkbox is not available for translation, available only in English.
3 On the "Preferences" tab and the box for selecting file associations * .jdc, * .jdp, and * .dat. *, after selecting and accepting the file type check box, the message "Echec a la definition des donnees pour" appears, and after clicking the OK button several times they are marked, but after closing and reopening the program and the "Preferences" window they remain disabled.

This is not a big problem, because the program works correctly, but it would be good for the translation to be complete.
As for point 3, without the checkbox for associations, the program also works correctly, I do not know, maybe it's my computer's fault. (Lenowo3, Intel Core i5 and Win10)

I hope you understand what I am writing because my English is assisted by Google translator.
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Point 1 - now obsolete - has been translated
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Re: [Translation] Second Polish translation file !

Hello Jerome

Regarding 1st point - the name is correct and the translation problem has been resolved.

In the .xml language files this name is placed (for earlier versions of the program) in the block [AIDE] <Help1 Caption="& Aide"/> as the line <Preferences1 Caption="Préférences"/> so the program v2.4.1 does not take it into account.

In my translation I added a new line in the block [OPTIONS] <FOptions Caption="Options"> as an additional line <LblMenuPreferences Caption="Ustawienia"/>
below the line <LblMenuGCode Caption="GCode"/> and everything is OK. After selecting my language a [Preferences] card appears with the name translated as [Ustawienia].

However, in all .xml language files this line is missing at this point, so the program always displays yhe name in French.

Regarding 2nd point - the problem is that the description of the window "New speed algorithm" does not appear in .xml language files. Therefore, it is not possible to translate to any other language. The program displays it only in English

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