How do I learn Jedicut?

Hi All,
I am new to this cnc foam cutting stuff but I do cut wings by hand and I am a technician and quite pc literate. I've tried hard (very hard!) to figure out this program but the tutorials, even when I use Google translate are not of much help. I do understand that it is not a sophisticated bit of software and I thank Jerome for providing this free of charge, but it would be nice to read a really good tutorial.

For example I just cannot see how to set the imported airfoil profiles to the zero/zero line. If I enter a root and tip airfoil they both show as the same size unless I adjust the length of either one in Jedicut. How on earth do you set the span between the root and tip? These are the very basics that should be intuitive...........unless I'm really blind.....or worse! I would sure appreciate some good tutorial in English. Thanks.

Keith R

Re: How do I learn Jedicut?


Welcome on :)

I'm sorry for the delay. I don't have many time and my computer is dead...

You can fond an old tutorial here :

It's not up to date but it's a good way to start to discover Jedicut.

I planned to work on new Jedicut release and new Jedicut tutorial as soon as I repair my computer.

Post your question on this forum. I will try to answer quickly but it's not easy on my old phone ;)

Re: How do I learn Jedicut?

I went thru that tutorial and everything else i can find online. Maybe its just coming from different software or i am just not understanding, but i cant seem to figure out how you set the thickness of your block of foam. Or are you controlling that by the offset and you are just supposed to make sure the cut fits within the foam you have down?
I have a working machine but was having issues getting the free gcode webpage working, so keith suggested trying out Jedicut.
My cnc machine: ... log.53534/