G-Code exportes values about 100 smaller than wanted size

I want to generate a trapezoid wing so I open two profiles using a DXF file.
I set the root to 200mm and the tip to 150mm.
after generating the GCode I open it in Notepad to see the values and instead of having a 200mm root I get about 1.6mm root and the same issue for the tip chord.
the other moves are ok. I mean the horizontal/vertical clearance are ok.

here is a line from my maximum travel from the Gcode:
G1 X1.6362 Y0.0509 U0.9911 Z0.0308

X was supposed to be over 200mm here..
what could be the problem?

Re: G-Code exportes values about 100 smaller than wanted size

Bonjour Lee,
Si j'ai bien compris la traduction:
Le GCode offre la possibilité d'utiliser 2 types de fichier dont les coordonnées peuvent-être en absolues ou en relatives.
Jedicut génère un GCode en relatif, c'est pour ceci que vous ne voyez pas les 200mm et les 150mm. ( il faut additionner tous les X et tous les Y)
Le logiciel de la machine interprète le type de GCode par les codes que l'on met en début de fichier G90 pour l'absolue ou G91 pour le relatif.

Hi Lee,
If I understand the translation:
The GCode offers the possibility to use 2 types of file whose coordinates can be absolute or relative.
Jedicut generates a GCode in relative, that's why you do not see the 200mm and the 150mm. (you have to add all the X's and all the Y's)

The software of the machine interprets the type of GCode by the codes which one puts at the beginning of file G90 for the absolute or G91 for the relative one.

Re: G-Code exportes values about 100 smaller than wanted size

I don't have sucsess in uploading the file so I will just put the gcode text here:

( Plan XY )
( Pause [millisec] )
G4 P2000
( Move cut speed )
G1 X0 Y0 U42.9688 Z0
G1 X10 Y0 U10 Z0
( Move cut speed )
G1 X0.0408 Y0.5057 U0.0247 Z0.3063
G1 X0.068 Y0.502 U0.0412 Z0.3041
G1 X0.095 Y0.4987 U0.0576 Z0.3021
G1 X0.1221 Y0.495 U0.0739 Z0.2998
G1 X0.1491 Y0.4913 U0.0903 Z0.2976
G1 X0.1763 Y0.4876 U0.1068 Z0.2954
G1 X0.2031 Y0.4839 U0.1231 Z0.2931
G1 X0.2302 Y0.48 U0.1394 Z0.2907
G1 X0.2572 Y0.4758 U0.1558 Z0.2882
G1 X0.2838 Y0.4721 U0.1719 Z0.286
G1 X0.3106 Y0.4678 U0.1881 Z0.2833
G1 X0.3374 Y0.4634 U0.2044 Z0.2807
G1 X0.3638 Y0.4593 U0.2204 Z0.2782
G1 X0.3906 Y0.4549 U0.2366 Z0.2755
G1 X0.4168 Y0.4501 U0.2524 Z0.2726
G1 X0.4431 Y0.4455 U0.2684 Z0.2699
G1 X0.4693 Y0.4407 U0.2843 Z0.267
G1 X0.4954 Y0.4357 U0.3001 Z0.2639
G1 X0.5212 Y0.4307 U0.3157 Z0.2609
G1 X0.5471 Y0.4255 U0.3314 Z0.2577
G1 X0.5728 Y0.4202 U0.347 Z0.2546
G1 X0.5985 Y0.4148 U0.3626 Z0.2513
G1 X0.6236 Y0.4091 U0.3777 Z0.2478
G1 X0.6491 Y0.4035 U0.3932 Z0.2444
G1 X0.674 Y0.3976 U0.4082 Z0.2408
G1 X0.699 Y0.3915 U0.4234 Z0.2371
G1 X0.7237 Y0.3854 U0.4383 Z0.2334
G1 X0.7483 Y0.3788 U0.4533 Z0.2295
G1 X0.7727 Y0.3727 U0.4681 Z0.2258
G1 X0.7967 Y0.366 U0.4826 Z0.2217
G1 X0.8207 Y0.3592 U0.4971 Z0.2176
G1 X0.8446 Y0.3522 U0.5116 Z0.2134
G1 X0.8682 Y0.3455 U0.5259 Z0.2093
G1 X0.8913 Y0.3381 U0.5399 Z0.2048
G1 X0.9146 Y0.3309 U0.554 Z0.2004
G1 X0.9375 Y0.3235 U0.5679 Z0.1959
G1 X0.9602 Y0.3158 U0.5816 Z0.1913
G1 X0.9824 Y0.3082 U0.5951 Z0.1867
G1 X1.0046 Y0.3004 U0.6085 Z0.1819
G1 X1.0266 Y0.2925 U0.6219 Z0.1772
G1 X1.0484 Y0.2842 U0.6351 Z0.1722
G1 X1.0696 Y0.2762 U0.6479 Z0.1673
G1 X1.0909 Y0.2679 U0.6608 Z0.1623
G1 X1.1116 Y0.2596 U0.6734 Z0.1572
G1 X1.1323 Y0.2511 U0.6859 Z0.1521
G1 X1.1524 Y0.2426 U0.698 Z0.147
G1 X1.1727 Y0.2337 U0.7103 Z0.1415
G1 X1.1923 Y0.2252 U0.7222 Z0.1364
G1 X1.2119 Y0.2162 U0.7341 Z0.131
G1 X1.2309 Y0.2075 U0.7456 Z0.1257
G1 X1.2496 Y0.1984 U0.7569 Z0.1201
G1 X1.2684 Y0.1894 U0.7683 Z0.1147
G1 X1.2865 Y0.1805 U0.7792 Z0.1093
G1 X1.3043 Y0.1713 U0.7901 Z0.1038
G1 X1.3218 Y0.162 U0.8006 Z0.0981
G1 X1.3392 Y0.153 U0.8112 Z0.0927
G1 X1.3558 Y0.1439 U0.8212 Z0.0871
G1 X1.3725 Y0.1345 U0.8314 Z0.0815
G1 X1.3887 Y0.1253 U0.8412 Z0.0759
G1 X1.4046 Y0.1162 U0.8508 Z0.0704
G1 X1.4203 Y0.107 U0.8603 Z0.0648
G1 X1.4351 Y0.0977 U0.8693 Z0.0591
G1 X1.4501 Y0.0885 U0.8784 Z0.0536
G1 X1.4643 Y0.0793 U0.887 Z0.0481
G1 X1.4787 Y0.0704 U0.8957 Z0.0426
G1 X1.4922 Y0.061 U0.9039 Z0.037
G1 X1.5055 Y0.0521 U0.9119 Z0.0316
G1 X1.5186 Y0.0432 U0.9199 Z0.0261
G1 X1.5312 Y0.0342 U0.9275 Z0.0207
G1 X1.5432 Y0.0253 U0.9348 Z0.0153
G1 X1.5552 Y0.0166 U0.942 Z0.01
G1 X1.5665 Y0.0078 U0.9489 Z0.0048
G1 X1.5777 Y-0.0007 U0.9556 Z-0.0004
G1 X1.5881 Y-0.0094 U0.962 Z-0.0057
G1 X1.5986 Y-0.0177 U0.9683 Z-0.0107
G1 X1.6084 Y-0.0262 U0.9743 Z-0.0158
G1 X1.6178 Y-0.0342 U0.9799 Z-0.0207
G1 X1.6267 Y-0.0425 U0.9853 Z-0.0257
G1 X1.6354 Y-0.0506 U0.9906 Z-0.0306
G1 X1.6437 Y-0.0582 U0.9956 Z-0.0353
G1 X1.6515 Y-0.0663 U1.0004 Z-0.0401
G1 X1.659 Y-0.0737 U1.0049 Z-0.0446
G1 X1.6659 Y-0.0813 U1.0091 Z-0.0492
G1 X1.6725 Y-0.0887 U1.0131 Z-0.0537
G1 X1.6786 Y-0.0957 U1.0168 Z-0.058
G1 X1.6845 Y-0.1031 U1.0203 Z-0.0625
G1 X1.6897 Y-0.1099 U1.0235 Z-0.0665
G1 X1.6947 Y-0.1166 U1.0265 Z-0.0706
G1 X1.6991 Y-0.1232 U1.0292 Z-0.0746
G1 X1.7032 Y-0.1299 U1.0317 Z-0.0787
G1 X1.7067 Y-0.136 U1.0338 Z-0.0824
G1 X1.7102 Y-0.1423 U1.0359 Z-0.0862
G1 X1.7128 Y-0.1482 U1.0375 Z-0.0898
G1 X1.715 Y-0.1543 U1.0388 Z-0.0935
G1 X1.7172 Y-0.1598 U1.0401 Z-0.0968
G1 X1.7185 Y-0.1654 U1.0409 Z-0.1002
G1 X1.7198 Y-0.1707 U1.0417 Z-0.1034
G1 X1.7202 Y-0.1759 U1.042 Z-0.1065
G1 X1.7206 Y-0.1809 U1.0423 Z-0.1096
G1 X1.7202 Y-0.1859 U1.042 Z-0.1126
G1 X1.7196 Y-0.1905 U1.0416 Z-0.1154
G1 X1.7187 Y-0.1951 U1.0411 Z-0.1182
G1 X1.7172 Y-0.1994 U1.0401 Z-0.1208
G1 X1.715 Y-0.2036 U1.0388 Z-0.1233
G1 X1.7128 Y-0.2077 U1.0375 Z-0.1258
G1 X1.7102 Y-0.2116 U1.0359 Z-0.1282
G1 X1.7067 Y-0.2154 U1.0338 Z-0.1304
G1 X1.7032 Y-0.2188 U1.0317 Z-0.1326
G1 X1.6991 Y-0.2223 U1.0292 Z-0.1347
G1 X1.6947 Y-0.2256 U1.0265 Z-0.1367
G1 X1.6897 Y-0.2286 U1.0235 Z-0.1385
G1 X1.6845 Y-0.2315 U1.0203 Z-0.1402
G1 X1.6786 Y-0.2341 U1.0168 Z-0.1418
G1 X1.6725 Y-0.2369 U1.0131 Z-0.1435
G1 X1.6659 Y-0.2393 U1.0091 Z-0.145
G1 X1.659 Y-0.2417 U1.0049 Z-0.1464
G1 X1.6515 Y-0.2437 U1.0004 Z-0.1476
G1 X1.6437 Y-0.2459 U0.9956 Z-0.1489
G1 X1.6354 Y-0.2476 U0.9906 Z-0.15
G1 X1.6267 Y-0.2494 U0.9853 Z-0.151
G1 X1.6178 Y-0.2509 U0.9799 Z-0.152
G1 X1.6084 Y-0.2522 U0.9743 Z-0.1528
G1 X1.5986 Y-0.2535 U0.9683 Z-0.1536
G1 X1.5881 Y-0.2546 U0.962 Z-0.1542
G1 X1.5777 Y-0.2557 U0.9556 Z-0.1549
G1 X1.5665 Y-0.2565 U0.9489 Z-0.1554
G1 X1.5552 Y-0.257 U0.942 Z-0.1557
G1 X1.5432 Y-0.2579 U0.9348 Z-0.1562
G1 X1.5312 Y-0.2581 U0.9275 Z-0.1563
G1 X1.5186 Y-0.2583 U0.9199 Z-0.1565
G1 X1.5055 Y-0.2585 U0.9119 Z-0.1566
G1 X1.4922 Y-0.2587 U0.9039 Z-0.1567
G1 X1.4787 Y-0.2583 U0.8957 Z-0.1565
G1 X1.4643 Y-0.2581 U0.887 Z-0.1563
G1 X1.4501 Y-0.2579 U0.8784 Z-0.1562
G1 X1.4351 Y-0.2572 U0.8693 Z-0.1558
G1 X1.4203 Y-0.2565 U0.8603 Z-0.1554
G1 X1.4046 Y-0.2559 U0.8508 Z-0.155
G1 X1.3887 Y-0.2548 U0.8412 Z-0.1543
G1 X1.3725 Y-0.2539 U0.8314 Z-0.1538
G1 X1.3557 Y-0.2526 U0.8212 Z-0.153
G1 X1.3392 Y-0.2513 U0.8112 Z-0.1522
G1 X1.3218 Y-0.2498 U0.8006 Z-0.1513
G1 X1.3043 Y-0.2485 U0.7901 Z-0.1505
G1 X1.2864 Y-0.2465 U0.7792 Z-0.1493
G1 X1.2684 Y-0.245 U0.7683 Z-0.1484
G1 X1.2496 Y-0.2428 U0.7569 Z-0.1471
G1 X1.2309 Y-0.2409 U0.7456 Z-0.1459
G1 X1.2119 Y-0.2387 U0.7341 Z-0.1446
G1 X1.1923 Y-0.2363 U0.7222 Z-0.1431
G1 X1.1727 Y-0.2339 U0.7103 Z-0.1417
G1 X1.1524 Y-0.2315 U0.698 Z-0.1402
G1 X1.1323 Y-0.2286 U0.6859 Z-0.1385
G1 X1.1117 Y-0.2258 U0.6734 Z-0.1368
G1 X1.0909 Y-0.2228 U0.6608 Z-0.1349
G1 X1.0696 Y-0.2199 U0.6479 Z-0.1332
G1 X1.0484 Y-0.2167 U0.6351 Z-0.1312
G1 X1.0266 Y-0.2134 U0.6219 Z-0.1293
G1 X1.0046 Y-0.2099 U0.6085 Z-0.1271
G1 X0.9824 Y-0.2064 U0.5951 Z-0.125
G1 X0.9602 Y-0.2027 U0.5816 Z-0.1228
G1 X0.9375 Y-0.1988 U0.5679 Z-0.1204
G1 X0.9146 Y-0.1951 U0.554 Z-0.1182
G1 X0.8913 Y-0.1912 U0.5399 Z-0.1158
G1 X0.8682 Y-0.187 U0.5259 Z-0.1133
G1 X0.8446 Y-0.1827 U0.5116 Z-0.1106
G1 X0.8207 Y-0.1783 U0.4971 Z-0.108
G1 X0.7967 Y-0.1739 U0.4826 Z-0.1054
G1 X0.7727 Y-0.1696 U0.4681 Z-0.1027
G1 X0.7483 Y-0.1646 U0.4533 Z-0.0997
G1 X0.7237 Y-0.16 U0.4383 Z-0.0969
G1 X0.699 Y-0.1552 U0.4234 Z-0.094
G1 X0.6739 Y-0.15 U0.4082 Z-0.0908
G1 X0.6491 Y-0.1452 U0.3932 Z-0.0879
G1 X0.6236 Y-0.1399 U0.3777 Z-0.0848
G1 X0.5986 Y-0.1347 U0.3626 Z-0.0816
G1 X0.5728 Y-0.1293 U0.347 Z-0.0783
G1 X0.5471 Y-0.124 U0.3314 Z-0.0751
G1 X0.5212 Y-0.1184 U0.3157 Z-0.0717
G1 X0.4954 Y-0.1129 U0.3001 Z-0.0684
G1 X0.4693 Y-0.1072 U0.2843 Z-0.065
G1 X0.4431 Y-0.1016 U0.2684 Z-0.0615
G1 X0.4168 Y-0.0957 U0.2524 Z-0.058
G1 X0.3906 Y-0.0898 U0.2366 Z-0.0544
G1 X0.3638 Y-0.0839 U0.2204 Z-0.0508
G1 X0.3374 Y-0.078 U0.2044 Z-0.0473
G1 X0.3106 Y-0.0719 U0.1881 Z-0.0436
G1 X0.2838 Y-0.0658 U0.1719 Z-0.0399
G1 X0.2572 Y-0.0595 U0.1558 Z-0.036
G1 X0.2302 Y-0.0536 U0.1394 Z-0.0325
G1 X0.2031 Y-0.0473 U0.1231 Z-0.0287
G1 X0.1763 Y-0.0412 U0.1068 Z-0.025
G1 X0.1491 Y-0.0347 U0.0903 Z-0.021
G1 X0.1221 Y-0.0286 U0.0739 Z-0.0173
G1 X0.095 Y-0.0222 U0.0576 Z-0.0135
G1 X0.068 Y-0.0159 U0.0412 Z-0.0096
G1 X0.0407 Y-0.0094 U0.0247 Z-0.0057
G1 X0.0135 Y-0.0033 U0.0082 Z-0.002
( Move cut speed )
G1 X10 Y0 U10 Z0
G1 X0 Y60 U0 Z60
( Move max speed )
G1 X-237 Y0 U-194 Z0
G1 X0 Y-60 U0 Z-60
( Move cut speed )
G1 X0 Y0 U42.9688 Z0
G1 X10 Y0 U10 Z0
( Move cut speed )
G1 X-0.0135 Y-0.5092 U-0.0082 Z-0.3084
G1 X0.0135 Y-0.5092 U0.0082 Z-0.3084
G1 X0.0408 Y-0.5057 U0.0247 Z-0.3063
G1 X0.068 Y-0.502 U0.0412 Z-0.3041
G1 X0.095 Y-0.4987 U0.0576 Z-0.3021
G1 X0.1221 Y-0.495 U0.0739 Z-0.2998
G1 X0.1491 Y-0.4913 U0.0903 Z-0.2976
G1 X0.1763 Y-0.4876 U0.1068 Z-0.2954
G1 X0.2031 Y-0.4839 U0.1231 Z-0.2931
G1 X0.2302 Y-0.48 U0.1394 Z-0.2907
G1 X0.2572 Y-0.4758 U0.1558 Z-0.2882
G1 X0.2838 Y-0.4721 U0.1719 Z-0.286
G1 X0.3106 Y-0.4678 U0.1881 Z-0.2833
G1 X0.3374 Y-0.4634 U0.2044 Z-0.2807
G1 X0.3638 Y-0.4593 U0.2204 Z-0.2782
G1 X0.3906 Y-0.4549 U0.2366 Z-0.2756
G1 X0.4168 Y-0.4501 U0.2524 Z-0.2726
G1 X0.4431 Y-0.4455 U0.2684 Z-0.2699
G1 X0.4693 Y-0.4407 U0.2843 Z-0.267
G1 X0.4954 Y-0.4357 U0.3001 Z-0.2639
G1 X0.5212 Y-0.4307 U0.3157 Z-0.2609
G1 X0.5471 Y-0.4255 U0.3314 Z-0.2577
G1 X0.5728 Y-0.4202 U0.347 Z-0.2546
G1 X0.5985 Y-0.4148 U0.3626 Z-0.2513
G1 X0.6236 Y-0.4091 U0.3777 Z-0.2478
G1 X0.6491 Y-0.4035 U0.3932 Z-0.2444
G1 X0.674 Y-0.3976 U0.4082 Z-0.2408
G1 X0.699 Y-0.3915 U0.4234 Z-0.2371
G1 X0.7237 Y-0.3854 U0.4383 Z-0.2334
G1 X0.7483 Y-0.3788 U0.4533 Z-0.2295
G1 X0.7727 Y-0.3727 U0.4681 Z-0.2258
G1 X0.7967 Y-0.366 U0.4826 Z-0.2217
G1 X0.8207 Y-0.3592 U0.4971 Z-0.2176
G1 X0.8446 Y-0.3522 U0.5116 Z-0.2134
G1 X0.8682 Y-0.3455 U0.5259 Z-0.2093
G1 X0.8913 Y-0.3381 U0.5399 Z-0.2048
G1 X0.9146 Y-0.3309 U0.554 Z-0.2004
G1 X0.9375 Y-0.3235 U0.5679 Z-0.1959
G1 X0.9602 Y-0.3158 U0.5816 Z-0.1913
G1 X0.9824 Y-0.3082 U0.5951 Z-0.1867
G1 X1.0046 Y-0.3004 U0.6085 Z-0.1819
G1 X1.0266 Y-0.2925 U0.6219 Z-0.1772
G1 X1.0484 Y-0.2842 U0.6351 Z-0.1722
G1 X1.0696 Y-0.2762 U0.6479 Z-0.1673
G1 X1.0909 Y-0.2679 U0.6608 Z-0.1623
G1 X1.1116 Y-0.2596 U0.6734 Z-0.1572
G1 X1.1323 Y-0.2511 U0.6859 Z-0.1521
G1 X1.1524 Y-0.2426 U0.698 Z-0.147
G1 X1.1727 Y-0.2337 U0.7103 Z-0.1415
G1 X1.1923 Y-0.2252 U0.7222 Z-0.1364
G1 X1.2119 Y-0.2162 U0.7341 Z-0.131
G1 X1.2309 Y-0.2075 U0.7456 Z-0.1257
G1 X1.2496 Y-0.1984 U0.7569 Z-0.1201
G1 X1.2684 Y-0.1894 U0.7683 Z-0.1147
G1 X1.2865 Y-0.1805 U0.7792 Z-0.1093
G1 X1.3043 Y-0.1713 U0.7901 Z-0.1038
G1 X1.3218 Y-0.1619 U0.8006 Z-0.0981
G1 X1.3392 Y-0.153 U0.8112 Z-0.0927
G1 X1.3558 Y-0.1439 U0.8212 Z-0.0871
G1 X1.3725 Y-0.1345 U0.8314 Z-0.0815
G1 X1.3887 Y-0.1253 U0.8412 Z-0.0759
G1 X1.4046 Y-0.1162 U0.8508 Z-0.0704
G1 X1.4203 Y-0.107 U0.8603 Z-0.0648
G1 X1.4351 Y-0.0976 U0.8693 Z-0.0591
G1 X1.4501 Y-0.0885 U0.8784 Z-0.0536
G1 X1.4643 Y-0.0793 U0.887 Z-0.0481
G1 X1.4787 Y-0.0704 U0.8957 Z-0.0426
G1 X1.4922 Y-0.061 U0.9039 Z-0.037
G1 X1.5055 Y-0.0521 U0.9119 Z-0.0316
G1 X1.5186 Y-0.0432 U0.9199 Z-0.0261
G1 X1.5312 Y-0.0342 U0.9275 Z-0.0207
G1 X1.5432 Y-0.0253 U0.9348 Z-0.0153
G1 X1.5552 Y-0.0166 U0.942 Z-0.01
G1 X1.5665 Y-0.0078 U0.9489 Z-0.0048
G1 X1.5777 Y0.0007 U0.9556 Z0.0004
G1 X1.5881 Y0.0094 U0.962 Z0.0057
G1 X1.5986 Y0.0177 U0.9683 Z0.0107
G1 X1.6084 Y0.0262 U0.9743 Z0.0158
G1 X1.6178 Y0.0342 U0.9799 Z0.0207
G1 X1.6267 Y0.0425 U0.9853 Z0.0257
G1 X1.6354 Y0.0506 U0.9906 Z0.0306
G1 X1.6437 Y0.0582 U0.9956 Z0.0353
G1 X1.6515 Y0.0663 U1.0004 Z0.0401
G1 X1.659 Y0.0737 U1.0049 Z0.0446
G1 X1.6659 Y0.0813 U1.0091 Z0.0492
G1 X1.6725 Y0.0887 U1.0131 Z0.0537
G1 X1.6786 Y0.0957 U1.0168 Z0.058
G1 X1.6845 Y0.1031 U1.0203 Z0.0625
G1 X1.6897 Y0.1099 U1.0235 Z0.0665
G1 X1.6947 Y0.1166 U1.0265 Z0.0706
G1 X1.6991 Y0.1232 U1.0292 Z0.0746
G1 X1.7032 Y0.1299 U1.0317 Z0.0787
G1 X1.7067 Y0.136 U1.0338 Z0.0824
G1 X1.7102 Y0.1423 U1.0359 Z0.0862
G1 X1.7128 Y0.1482 U1.0375 Z0.0898
G1 X1.715 Y0.1543 U1.0388 Z0.0935
G1 X1.7172 Y0.1598 U1.0401 Z0.0968
G1 X1.7185 Y0.1654 U1.0409 Z0.1002
G1 X1.7198 Y0.1707 U1.0417 Z0.1034
G1 X1.7202 Y0.1759 U1.042 Z0.1065
G1 X1.7206 Y0.1809 U1.0423 Z0.1096
G1 X1.7202 Y0.1859 U1.042 Z0.1126
G1 X1.7196 Y0.1905 U1.0416 Z0.1154
G1 X1.7187 Y0.1951 U1.0411 Z0.1182
G1 X1.7172 Y0.1994 U1.0401 Z0.1208
G1 X1.715 Y0.2036 U1.0388 Z0.1233
G1 X1.7128 Y0.2077 U1.0375 Z0.1258
G1 X1.7102 Y0.2116 U1.0359 Z0.1282
G1 X1.7067 Y0.2154 U1.0338 Z0.1304
G1 X1.7032 Y0.2188 U1.0317 Z0.1326
G1 X1.6991 Y0.2223 U1.0292 Z0.1347
G1 X1.6947 Y0.2256 U1.0265 Z0.1367
G1 X1.6897 Y0.2286 U1.0235 Z0.1385
G1 X1.6845 Y0.2315 U1.0203 Z0.1402
G1 X1.6786 Y0.2341 U1.0168 Z0.1418
G1 X1.6725 Y0.2369 U1.0131 Z0.1435
G1 X1.6659 Y0.2393 U1.0091 Z0.145
G1 X1.659 Y0.2417 U1.0049 Z0.1464
G1 X1.6515 Y0.2437 U1.0004 Z0.1476
G1 X1.6437 Y0.2459 U0.9956 Z0.1489
G1 X1.6354 Y0.2476 U0.9906 Z0.15
G1 X1.6267 Y0.2494 U0.9853 Z0.151
G1 X1.6178 Y0.2509 U0.9799 Z0.152
G1 X1.6084 Y0.2522 U0.9743 Z0.1528
G1 X1.5986 Y0.2535 U0.9683 Z0.1536
G1 X1.5881 Y0.2546 U0.962 Z0.1542
G1 X1.5777 Y0.2557 U0.9556 Z0.1549
G1 X1.5665 Y0.2565 U0.9489 Z0.1554
G1 X1.5552 Y0.257 U0.942 Z0.1557
G1 X1.5432 Y0.2579 U0.9348 Z0.1562
G1 X1.5312 Y0.2581 U0.9275 Z0.1563
G1 X1.5186 Y0.2583 U0.9199 Z0.1565
G1 X1.5055 Y0.2585 U0.9119 Z0.1566
G1 X1.4922 Y0.2587 U0.9039 Z0.1567
G1 X1.4787 Y0.2583 U0.8957 Z0.1565
G1 X1.4643 Y0.2581 U0.887 Z0.1563
G1 X1.4501 Y0.2579 U0.8784 Z0.1562
G1 X1.4351 Y0.2572 U0.8693 Z0.1558
G1 X1.4203 Y0.2565 U0.8603 Z0.1554
G1 X1.4046 Y0.2559 U0.8508 Z0.155
G1 X1.3887 Y0.2548 U0.8412 Z0.1543
G1 X1.3725 Y0.2539 U0.8314 Z0.1538
G1 X1.3557 Y0.2526 U0.8212 Z0.153
G1 X1.3392 Y0.2513 U0.8112 Z0.1522
G1 X1.3218 Y0.2498 U0.8006 Z0.1513
G1 X1.3043 Y0.2485 U0.7901 Z0.1505
G1 X1.2864 Y0.2465 U0.7792 Z0.1493
G1 X1.2684 Y0.245 U0.7683 Z0.1484
G1 X1.2496 Y0.2428 U0.7569 Z0.1471
G1 X1.2309 Y0.2409 U0.7456 Z0.1459
G1 X1.2119 Y0.2387 U0.7341 Z0.1446
G1 X1.1923 Y0.2363 U0.7222 Z0.1431
G1 X1.1727 Y0.2339 U0.7103 Z0.1417
G1 X1.1524 Y0.2315 U0.698 Z0.1402
G1 X1.1323 Y0.2286 U0.6859 Z0.1385
G1 X1.1117 Y0.2258 U0.6734 Z0.1368
G1 X1.0909 Y0.2228 U0.6608 Z0.1349
G1 X1.0696 Y0.2199 U0.6479 Z0.1332
G1 X1.0484 Y0.2167 U0.6351 Z0.1312
G1 X1.0266 Y0.2134 U0.6219 Z0.1293
G1 X1.0046 Y0.2099 U0.6085 Z0.1271
G1 X0.9824 Y0.2064 U0.5951 Z0.125
G1 X0.9602 Y0.2027 U0.5816 Z0.1228
G1 X0.9375 Y0.1988 U0.5679 Z0.1204
G1 X0.9146 Y0.1951 U0.554 Z0.1182
G1 X0.8913 Y0.1912 U0.5399 Z0.1158
G1 X0.8682 Y0.187 U0.5259 Z0.1133
G1 X0.8446 Y0.1827 U0.5116 Z0.1106
G1 X0.8207 Y0.1783 U0.4971 Z0.108
G1 X0.7967 Y0.1739 U0.4826 Z0.1054
G1 X0.7727 Y0.1696 U0.4681 Z0.1027
G1 X0.7483 Y0.1646 U0.4533 Z0.0997
G1 X0.7237 Y0.16 U0.4383 Z0.0969
G1 X0.699 Y0.1552 U0.4234 Z0.094
G1 X0.6739 Y0.15 U0.4082 Z0.0908
G1 X0.6491 Y0.1452 U0.3932 Z0.0879
G1 X0.6236 Y0.1399 U0.3777 Z0.0848
G1 X0.5986 Y0.1347 U0.3626 Z0.0816
G1 X0.5728 Y0.1293 U0.347 Z0.0783
G1 X0.5471 Y0.124 U0.3314 Z0.0751
G1 X0.5212 Y0.1184 U0.3157 Z0.0717
G1 X0.4954 Y0.1129 U0.3001 Z0.0684
G1 X0.4693 Y0.1072 U0.2843 Z0.065
G1 X0.4431 Y0.1016 U0.2684 Z0.0615
G1 X0.4168 Y0.0957 U0.2524 Z0.058
G1 X0.3906 Y0.0898 U0.2366 Z0.0544
G1 X0.3638 Y0.0839 U0.2204 Z0.0508
G1 X0.3374 Y0.078 U0.2044 Z0.0473
G1 X0.3106 Y0.0719 U0.1881 Z0.0436
G1 X0.2838 Y0.0658 U0.1719 Z0.0399
G1 X0.2572 Y0.0595 U0.1558 Z0.036
G1 X0.2302 Y0.0536 U0.1394 Z0.0325
G1 X0.2031 Y0.0473 U0.1231 Z0.0287
G1 X0.1763 Y0.0412 U0.1068 Z0.025
G1 X0.1491 Y0.0347 U0.0903 Z0.021
G1 X0.1221 Y0.0286 U0.0739 Z0.0173
G1 X0.095 Y0.0222 U0.0576 Z0.0135
G1 X0.068 Y0.0159 U0.0412 Z0.0096
G1 X0.0407 Y0.0094 U0.0247 Z0.0057
G1 X0.0135 Y0.0033 U0.0082 Z0.002
( Move cut speed )
G1 X10 Y0 U10 Z0
G1 X0 Y60 U0 Z60
( Move max speed )
G1 X-237 Y0 U-194 Z0
( End of file )

Re: G-Code exportes values about 100 smaller than wanted size

Merci du message et bonne découpe.
Je ne pouvais pas essayer sur ma machine car j'utilise la lettre V pour le 4ème axe.
Si vous rencontrez d'autres problème, vous joignez le fichie jedicut "xxx.jdc" à votre discussion. Merci.

Thank you for the message and good cut.
I could not try on my machine because I use the letter V for the 4th axis.
If you encounter other problems, you attach the jedicut file "xxx.jdc" to your discussion. Thank you.