Jedicut installation issue

Hello, I am having issues getting Jedicut to communicate with my control board. I am running Windows 8.1, 32 bit. Controller is a Hobby CNC foam pro. The board and cutter runs fine with GMFC software, so I know all the hardware and connections are good.
A few years ago I installed a older version of Jedicut on the computer, and I recently downloaded the latest version. I've never been able to get Jedicut to communicate with this board.
I've noticed that when I uninstall and re-install Jedicut, my settings do not change, which makes me think it's not being completely uninstalled. I believe I read somewhere that if you had an older version installed, you had to do something special to upgrade. Is this the case? Is there a automated way to completely remove all components from the computer?

I'm using the windows driver. Is there a separate hardware driver I need to install?

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!

Re: Jedicut installation issue

Hello Scott and welcome !

First, I suggest to completly uninstall Jedicut : you can use uninstaller, and after that you have to search and delete all files called Jedicut*.ini (ex : Jedicut.ini and Jedicut_Default.ini).

Second step, install last Jedicut release and select this plugin of communication : CncNet_XP_Vista_7.dll

Third step, in Jedicut settings, check "synchronize steppers with external timer" and set correct speed value.

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