Problem generating GCode when sweepback angle is used

I'm using JediCut for generating GCode that is used together with "Grbl HotWire Controller" to drive steppers with RAMPS1.4 board.
Everything is working good but when I define any sweepback angle GCode is no longer correct.
Cut preview shows everything correctly but GCode is wrong.

There are two scenarios, one when cutting left wing, and one when cutting right wing.

Left Wing
When I define sweepback angle and select to generate GCode for left wing GCode contains few problems.
Right before GCode sends commands to move steppers it defines speed 0. (F0)
Here you can see it: (

This wrong line of code is also present right before it starts cutting bottom part of wing.
After replacing F0 with F120 everything works good.

Right Wing
In scenario when right wings is selected and sweepback angle is defines we have different problems in GCode.
Speed of cutting should be constant but generated GCode constantly changes speed resulting in very slow cutting.
Here you can see problem: (

After deleting all these suspicious lines GCode works great.
Hint: for deleting all these lines I used THIS online tool

I can live with it, it takes few more minutes to correct generated GCodes but it will be great if this can be fixed in new version.
I hope these details will help in fixing these bugs.
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