Program issues

I have some problems with Jedicut. Maybe you can help me.

problem 1
2019-01-05 14_56_55-Zuschneideassistent.png
2019-01-05 14_25_32-Jedicut.png
Here you can see the airfoil with aileron and spar. I started the machine and i was wondering because the spar was under the wing?? So i checked the cut simulator and I saw this:
2019-01-05 14_26_11-Simulation.png
problem 2

Same wing, same program as problem 1. When I activate the simulation view for the axis x1 and y2 you can see this:
2019-01-05 14_26_29-Simulation.png
problem 3

I have a dxf file of an airfoil with aileron and try to add a planking:
2019-01-05 14_34_37-Jedicut.png
Without the aileron I don´t have any problems.
The machine tries to cut these lines, so the planking feature is unusable with aileron.

I have windows 10
Intel I7
4K monitor (some problems with other programs)
I create my airfoils with Autodesk Inventor.

Thank you

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Re: Program issues


I thinck problem 1 and problem 2 is the same issue. You seems that you use Jedicut wizard, and it's not well configured On the left side, red lines desn't have to to cross, and the "relative chord" needs to be bigger as possible.

When I look the picture of problem 2, I have another question : do you modify cycle of cutting to add key points ? You have to add at least 3 keypoints on aileron (3 points of the little triangle).

The problem 3 is a little more complex : can you post your dxf files ?

I'm sorry for my poor english...

Re: Program issues


Here are the dxf files with aileron:
Innenflügel mit Querruder.dxf
With aileron
(292.99 Kio) Téléchargé 10 fois
Außenflügel mit Querruder.dxf
With aileron
(259.79 Kio) Téléchargé 14 fois
and here are the dxf files without aileron:
Außenflügel ohne Querruder.dxf
Without aileron
(296.91 Kio) Téléchargé 15 fois
Innenflügel ohne Querruder.dxf
Without aileron
(292.95 Kio) Téléchargé 18 fois
I have the simulation issue not only with aileron. The problem 3 issue is only on this airfoil with and without the aileron.

Airplane information:
sweep of 182mm
wing span of 1100mm
inner part 400mm (per wing)
outside part 150mm (per wing)
root deep inner part 350mm
root deep outside part 168mm
wing twist of -5°

here is my 3D CAD model (photo is not the real plane it is made with autodesk inventor)
2019-01-04 00_56_35-Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019.png
At the aileron edges I used sync points.

The simulatior shows me motion lines which are not correct. So the machine drives correctly but the simulator lines are incorrect.

I´m studying computer science so I know it can be hard but your program is easy to handle and the features are great. I think it has big potential.

Best regards