I just got my cutter finally put together! About 6 years!!! I loaded Jedicut into my windows7 32 to get started. I watched Keiths video and then went out to install and see if I could get things to work. Of course nothing worked. The motors work as I did get them to move with Ankers program. I could not find a plug in that used drawing files. As it is, I searched the forum and people talked about installing plugins but no one seemed to say where to find them and how to install them!!!! I am using a MM2001 board with a windows 7 computer. I read somewhere that there are files in the zip file you can download to install Jedicut, but there are all kinds of dll files and others but nothing explains what to do with them. Do you just click on them and they install or do you have to move them to a file?????? Any help would be great as I am sure that this will not be the end of it! I loaded and unloaded the main jedicut program file several times so the AVS program will not let me see it or even find the program! I will dump the hard drive and start a new tomorrow. Thanks for any help and everyone stay safe and away from each other untill this virus is gone.

Re: plugins


Plugins are just "dll" files in Windows. If you use Jedicut installer to install Jedicut, it will install all compatible plugins. You can looks at it in the "dll" Jedicut directory.

With Mm2001 CNC board, you have to use the plug-in called CncNet_win_xp_vista_7_32_x64.dll.

Launch Jedicut, go to settings and click on communication tab. Select this plugin with the drop down list.

After that, use the link above and Google translate. If you have questions, we are here :P
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