Hola :

Recien ayer descubri esta pagina, y me parece fantástica.
Primera pregunta : como hacer , despues de abrir un archivo dxf para generar el corte o al menos, visualizarlo ???
La opcion no me aparece disponible.

Muchas gracias.
Jorge A.

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Disculpe, pero no hablo español desde tres años :/
Cuando quiere abrir un archivo dxf, la importacion cree un profile. graba el profile con jdp extension para utilizar le en una corte como todos los profiles.
Una otra solucion es de abrir el dxf como todos los profiles en una corte.



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Hi Jerome:

Let´s switch language... By the way, your spanish is much , much better than my french!
(Je ne le parle pa, or something like that.)

Thanks for your answer. But seems I have a problem. I´m using Acad 2005, after saving a 25 mm per side "test pentagon" figure in R12, 2000 and 2004 dfx´s formats
i tryed to import the figure . This were the results:
a. Figure saved as R12 format, got a " impossible to open ficher " message.
b. With the 2000 and 2004 , part of the figure shows up , some coordinates on the up and down tables on the right side of the screen , but just 2 or 21/2 sides as a big drawing, nomatter if I save it as a smaller drawing first.

And in these last 2 formats, there are lines interconecting different parts of the drawing that not form part of the shape itself. Don´t know if I´m clear enough, hope you understand what i´m trying to say.

Is the import limited to some Acad version?
Do you have some written instruction ( english will be ok, :) ) on how to manage dxf ?
OR, WHAT am i doing wrong ????

Regards, Jorge A
Thanks and

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I understand your problem. Jedicut support that followings dxf R12 types of element :

Can you send me your dxf R12 file by e-mail ? I will work on it in the next Jedicut version.



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Bonjour Jerome:

OK, i´ll send you the files used for testing.
You will see that the only line R12 fuselage test is OK, but adding just one arc produces 2 additional lines...( ??? ).
In a few minutes will be send.

Merci. ( My french is improving ! )
Jorge A.