Re: Error Win-7

This Error come every time.

When i push "ok"(4 or 5 times), Jedicut run, but cannot configure.
When i take any Hardware .dll, the Error come.
I use Win-7/64 without LPT.(Notebook)
For Jedicut i will use the Xavier-USB as Hardware.

Re: Error Win-7

Hello (and have a happy christmas)

I have replaced from the Jedicut-directory: io.dll
My Win7 Notebook have no LPT-Port.
I have replaced from the Jedicut-directory\dll: CncNet_XP.dll, CncNet98.dll, MaxCom.dll, MaxCom_XP.dll,
MDLCNC_XP.dll, VisualCNC.dll, VisualCNC_XP.dll.