Download Jedicut and install it easily

The simplest solution that will suit everyone

Install Jedicut for the first time

  1. Download Jedicut setup 2.4.2
  2. Execute Jedicut setup
  3. Follow instructions

Install Jedicut on old Windows versions : XP and 2000

Download this setup file : Jedicut for Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Install Jedicut updates

The procedure is the same 🙂

If you use the setup file, it will detect the presence of an old Jedicut installation , and it will preserve all your settings files.

Do you like Jedicut ?

Jedicut is available for free from many years, unlike other softwares that costs 50, 100, ou 150$…

If you like Jedicut, donate with Paypal and support the project.

An alternative for experienced users

An alternative solution is to download a ZIP archive with Jedicut 2.4.2 containing all Jedicut files, and to drop them into the directory of your choice.

Warning : with this method you can have error messages under certain versions of Windows, at the launch of Jedicut. These messages are related to the presence of the io.dll. Just delete it. Jedicut doesn’t use this file on Windows versions that displays this error.