Because of lack of time, I don’t have reworked Jedicut, except to help people on very particular problems. I re opened the Jedicut project for 2 months and I suggest you download the new beta release

This release offers two new evolutions to simplify the use of Jedicut :

  1. Jedicut monitors if you have changed a cut or a profile since its last record, and offers to save your changes if you close tabs, or if you close Jedicut.
  2. Windows can be closed using the escape key on the keyboard : handy when you want to quickly close a window without seeking the “Cancel” button (the tabs are not affected by this feature, fortunately…).

There are also many fixes and improvements that I could mention exhaustively. For example, the release include:

  • A correction of a bug when opening a file in which user doesn’t chose a profile,
  • The ability to save and open a profile with no point entered,
  • A correction of labels tabs when you first backup your work
  • Deleting an error message that appeared wrongly when opening files with jdp or dat format
  • Improved the size of the main window for low-resolution screens,
  • Improved the design of the window of the cycle of cutting,
  • Improved translation system to force the translation of all open tabs when user change language,
  • Changing the zoom value in the cycle of cutting window (until better)
  • A correction of a bug causing a general crash of Jedicut when closing the settings window when cutting file is open …

To use this release of Jedicut it’s simple:

  • You download this file:
  • You replace your Jedicut.exe file with the one contained in the zip.

Have a good time!

Edit : I deleted the download link because a new Jedicut release is available