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Download and install Jedicut

Download and install Jedicut

You are beginning in hot wire cutting (foam cutting), or you want to learn more about the free CNC software Jedicut ? Features, tips and tricks…

This tutorial is the first part of a new series of articles explaining step by step how to use Jedicut. The first step : how to install Jedicut ?

Download Jedicut

Jedicut is a free software. You can dowload it on Jedicut’s download page.

When you are on this page, click on on the link Download Jedicut setup. (more…)

Jedicut 2.3.4 : Use GCode to do CNC foam cutting

The main evolution of this release is the file generation in GCode, which you can use with the interpolator of your choice (LinuxCNC, GRBL …). To produce GCode file, you have to use the Jedicut cutting wizard (the reason is hard to explain …).

How to produce GCode for hot wire cutting with Jedicut

To use this new feature, simply go to the Jedicut options, section “Communication”. Select the “GCode” plugin.

You will see a new options page. (more…)

New Jedicut release, foam cutting software

After the publication of my firt Android app that help us to count everything (Times & events), I took out Jedicut project to work on few corrections and to work on ideas you sent me. Jedicut 2.3.3 (Download page) contains some of this ideas.

Here are new features that should help do foam cutting and help us to use Jedicut :

  • Cycle of cutting : A new kind of movement for your cycle of cutting called “oblique”,
  • Cycle of cutting : Jedicut show how many key points you added in your profile,
  • Cycle of cutting : New button added to delete all key points with just 1 click,
  • Cycle of cutting : Zoom in doing a selection in the drawing with mouse, and zoom out doing right click,
  • Cycle of cutting : Blue lines represent fast movement, and red lines represents slow movemet (cut speed),
  • Jedicut ask you if you want to save your last unsaved modification before closing the file or closing Jedicut,
  • You can exit all windows using escape key.

There are also many corrections and improvements like these : (more…)

Beta Jedicut : improvements and corrections

Because of lack of time, I don’t have reworked Jedicut, except to help people on very particular problems. I re opened the Jedicut project for 2 months and I suggest you download the new beta release

This release offers two new evolutions to simplify the use of Jedicut :

  1. Jedicut monitors if you have changed a cut or a profile since its last record, and offers to save your changes if you close tabs, or if you close Jedicut.
  2. Windows can be closed using the escape key on the keyboard : handy when you want to quickly close a window without seeking the “Cancel” button (the tabs are not affected by this feature, fortunately…).

There are also many fixes and improvements that I could mention exhaustively. For example, the release include:

  • A correction of a bug when opening a file in which user doesn’t chose a profile,
  • The ability to save and open a profile with no point entered,
  • A correction of labels tabs when you first backup your work
  • Deleting an error message that appeared wrongly when opening files with jdp or dat format
  • Improved the size of the main window for low-resolution screens,
  • Improved the design of the window of the cycle of cutting,
  • Improved translation system to force the translation of all open tabs when user change language,
  • Changing the zoom value in the cycle of cutting window (until better)
  • A correction of a bug causing a general crash of Jedicut when closing the settings window when cutting file is open …

To use this release of Jedicut it’s simple:

  • You download this file:
  • You replace your Jedicut.exe file with the one contained in the zip.

Have a good time!

Edit : I deleted the download link because a new Jedicut release is available

New R4M interface : USB adaptor with wire heating control

Rc-etmathe sales a new version of its G4M interface and renamed it in R4M.

For those unfamiliar with this module, it can be compatible with the card MDLCNC GMFC software. Why talking about this interface on Aeropassion ?

Just because Jedicut is also compatible with the module that adds two interesting features to MDLCNC :

  • It adds an external timer
  • It adds wire heating control

And this new version brings a new feature: limit/reference switches (not supported by Jedicut).

Another big advantage of this module: It can be adapted on most CNC interface like Chinese ones that offer neither heated nor external timer.

To order or inquire about this module:—Neu-mit-Referenzfahrt?source=2&refertype=1&referid=159

Arduino and USB adaptor for CNC cutting

It’s the end of summer and a new project is shared on Aeropassion’s forum. It’s a new solution, cheap and easy to build, to create an USB adaptor for the parallel port of your CNC board.

Do you know Arduino ? Martin had the idea to buil a simple adaptor. The most important part was creating programs. Martin create a program for Arduino, and a new plugin for Jedicut.

You can read more about this solution on the forum :

Jedicut 2.3.2 : improvements and corrections

Confirmation window for CNC cutting

This window shows the heating control mode you select manually on your CNC board. I changed the display to make it more efficient.

Now you can read:

  • “PC” when it is the PC handle the heating value.
  • “External” when you choose to set heating value manually from the CNC board.
  • “N/A”, used for CNC board without signal to indicate this information.

Heating control wizard

The G4M adapter doesn’t have signal to indicate the heating value when the heating control is set to “manually” on your board. It’s not embarrassing for CFMG, it was for Jedicut.

I improve the heating control wizard.

You can set up wire heating values like that :

  1. You click on “Measure 1”,
  2. You click in the check box that is next to the percentage of heating value (see illustration),
  3. You specify a heating value that you want to send to the CNC board,
  4. You select a slow speed,
  5. You click on “Test”.

If heating value is “ok” for you, click on “Save” button. If not, change the heating value and click on “Test” button to try again.

When the first measure is ok, click on “measure 2” and repeat the test with a high speed value (as fast as possible).

Bug fixed

Since the previous version of Jedicut, there is a bug in the display of cutting project when you prepare more than one cutting project at a time (when you had multiple tabs). It’s fixed.

The arrow settings disappeared when you open the window of cutting cycle manager : fixed.

A little extra

I don’t know about you, but I’m used to exit of windows software configuration by pressing the “Esc” key. The effect is the same as clicking on the cross, or clicking on “Cancel”. It’s just faster!

I never put it up on Jedicut. It is now done, and the navigation in Jedicut is really faster.

As usual, if you find new bugs, if you have new ideas, come and share it on the forum of the CNC cutting.