Rc-etmathe sales a new version of its G4M interface and renamed it in R4M.

For those unfamiliar with this module, it can be compatible with the card MDLCNC GMFC software. Why talking about this interface on Aeropassion ?

Just because Jedicut is also compatible with the module that adds two interesting features to MDLCNC :

  • It adds an external timer
  • It adds wire heating control

And this new version brings a new feature: limit/reference switches (not supported by Jedicut).

Another big advantage of this module: It can be adapted on most CNC interface like Chinese ones that offer neither heated nor external timer.

To order or inquire about this module: http://www.rc-letmathe.de/CNC-Technik/CNC-Elektronik/MDLCNC-R4M-GMFC-Interface—Neu-mit-Referenzfahrt?source=2&refertype=1&referid=159