is celebrating its 1 year ! And to celebrate it, here is the first Jedicut’s release of the year !

I have been working on this version for a few months. You have been able to follow the progress of the developments on Jedicut’s facebook page or on Jedicut’s Twitter feed. And as usual, the bravest have been able to test beta versions of Jedicut and contribute to the tests on Jedicut’s forum.

What’s new :

  • New compiler
  • High pixel density screen compatibility
  • New location for *.ini files
  • New UI for options form
  • Automatic check of update availability
  • Various bug fix

Be careful : If you used an old Jedicut release, and if you installed Jedicut 2.4, you have to delete *.ini files manually after Jedicut 2.4 first launch. In Windows File Explorer, find the hidden directory called  C:\ProgramData\Jedicut and rename it like  C:\ProgramData\Jedicut.old by example.

Compiler change

There will be little visible change, because most of the work has consisted of changing the compiler (more than 15 years between the old version and the new …). People who program will understand the magnitude of the task, and the others … you will get bored if I go into the details :p

I was mainly looking for 2 advantages :

  • A bette compatibility with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windiws 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • A full compatbility with high density screens.

To illustrate this last point, just take a laptop like ultrabook for example, or some large screen for desktop computer (the size isn’t t really important here).

Before, Jedicut could show a litlle blur, unlike software from Microsoft or other major companies like Mozilla whose applications appear perfectly clear on screen.

Now Jedicut’s display is perfectly readable ! 🙂

Downside : some images or icons may look too small on these screens. I tested a solution in the new window of Jedicu’ts settings, and if your feedback is good, I will gradually adapt all Jedicut’s pictures and icons.

To respect Windows security rules, I had to move Jedicut settings files (*.ini files). If you are using installer, and you already have a Jedicut release installed, your files will be automatically moved during the first launch of Jedicut 2.4.

The new Jedicut settings window

The main visible change in this new release is the Jedicut options window :

  • New icons,
  • New colors,
  • New tab design.

I let you discover that by yourself and tell me what you think.

Automatic check for update

You can now, if you wish, let Jedicut automatically check if a new stable release is available for download.

You can activate this feature in the Jedicut’s preferences window.

When a new release of Jedicut will be available, a notification will appear in the menu. Click on it and Jedicut will launch Jedicut’s download page with your favorite browser.

Caution : notifications don’t concern, for now, the beta release that you can find following the forum.

In conclusion

I let you discover all the other small changes. There are also many bug fixes but I wil not go into details.

You can download the new Jedicut release on the usual page.

Thanks to all beta tesxters who did an amazing job ! Join us on the forum to talk about Jedicut and CNC foam cutters !

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